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10 Essential Car Accessories for a Company Vehicle

A company car, when you’re abroad or on the road, is like an office on wheels. Also, there are many useful gadgets on the market, that can help you be prepared for whatever the road throws your way. When in a hurry to make it to an important meeting, a dead battery will catch you off guard, and you’ll be late or even miss the entire thing. Here are 10 car gadgets that will make you more prepared and improve your overall driving experience as well.

1. Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot

To make sure you stay connected wherever you go, get yourself this device, and turn your car into a traveling Wi-Fi spot. This is the easiest and most reliable option that will allow you to connect to the Internet in your car. Although these devices aren’t specifically designed to be used in cars, they can be used there because they are portable. You can plug it into a 12-volt accessory outlet for power, and not worry about the battery.

2. Bluetooth adapter kit

If you don’t have a Bluetooth hookup in your company car, you can purchase a Bluetooth FM transmitter, which enables you to play music from your SD card, phone, or flash drive, thanks to its 2 USB charging ports. It also has a built-in microphone for hands-free phone conversations, and overall – it looks great, works great, and is a pretty compact device.

3. GPS tracker

Company cars are used for traveling abroad as well, and getting lost in an unknown city is simply something you can’t afford. By installing a GPS tracking device, you can make sure that your company car is safe. Also, you can track your on-the-road employees and their levels of productivity. The device is also perfect when you need quick responders – for example, if there’s a client who needs immediate service or attention, you can contact the nearest on-the-road employee. Now, that’s a fast customer service response.

4. Portable jump starter kit

A jump starter kit should always be in your car because there’s no guarantee that someone will be there to provide one when you need it. It is essentially a battery source that allows you to start your vehicle when its battery dies, by simply hooking the clamps of the kit to your vehicle’s battery. Also, it can be used as a backup power source.

5. Key finder

There should be a way for you to track your keys – whether they’re in your other jacket or buried somewhere in the laundry. Purchase a key finder, attach a Bluetooth tracking tag to your keys, and let it sync with your smartphone. The entire process is really easy, and it makes finding your keys easy as well. The Bluetooth tags are lightweight and well-designed, so they look like an interesting keychain. No more being late due to misplaced car keys.

7. Car vacuum

There are people who spend a lot of time in company cars. Thus, they’re bound to eat while on the road, with crumbs inevitably getting on the seats, floor, and the dashboard. A car vacuum cleaner is a very effective and cheap solution – it comes with different extensions (so you can clean spots that are otherwise difficult to reach) and is powered by the car’s cigarette lighter socket.

8. Dashboard camera

Dashboard cameras can come in handy, especially if you get involved in a traffic accident. Most of these cameras are always recording, so in the event there is crash, you have the video to prove who’s responsible for the accident. This footage will protect you from lawsuits or big fines.

9. Anti-slip pad

Anti-slip gripping pads are made of silicone rubber, and will hold everything from spare change to your phone, without leaving that sticky residue on the car’s dashboard. These pads are made of a flexible anti-slip rubber that’s easy to apply, is resistant to high temperatures, easy to clean, and cling to almost any surface.

10. Smartphone mount

With a smartphone mount, you can make navigation more convenient and less stressful, without any permanent additions to your company car. There’s a smartphone mount that hooks onto an air vent of your car, can swivel in different ways, and holds your phone in place with the help of a super strong magnet. This allows you to see your phone screen from any angle, while the best and advisable option is to keep it within your line of vision.

With these gadgets, you can turn your company car into an automotive office. Equip it with power sources, Wi-Fi hotspots, small cameras, and gadgets like portable jump starters and key finders that will prevent you from being late to your appointments. These additions are perfect for making any company car a true business machine.