10 Most Interesting Japanese Inventions Which Will Make You Laugh A Lot

Although some of their inventions really struck the world with great surprise, there are many such inventions, which will make you laugh and giggle.

1) Chopstick Fan

You all might have seen a chopstick or probably have used one. Japanese have taken a one step ahead and attached a small motor fan with chopsticks to make your noodles cool when reaches your mouth.  The fan is run by batteries, which is attached to the chopstick. People in Japan are using such chopsticks but probably the world is not going to accept this invention.

Chopstick Fan

2) Hats for Metro

Usually people experience sleepiness when they take a metro back home after whole day at work. You may also have seen people drooling in their seats. Sometimes people falls from their seat during this drooling period and hence in order to avoid it, Japan has discovered this rest hat for metro wearing which people can sleep relaxed.

Hats for Metro

3) Butter Stickers

Yet another one of the hilarious invention of Japanese people. We all have seen glue sticks which is far more convenient than any other type of glues. Here the Japanese has changed the ingredient of the glue stick with butter. Now you can easily apply butter on your bread without using knife or something like that.

Butter Stickers

4) Eye Dropper Funnel

A funnel for eye dropper? Seriously? You might have the same reaction after reading the point. Well the people of Japan have invented a special kind of spectacles, which comes with a funnel. Now you won’t have to bother someone to hold your eyes while you drop the medicine in to your eyes.

Eye Dropper Funnel

5) The Supper Umbrella

An umbrella is indeed a best friend when the rain comes down pouring heavily. You can protect yourself from getting wet using an umbrella. But there is no way you can protect your legs or feet from getting wet while raining. Here’s what Japanese people have done to it. They have attached a transparent material across the diameter or the umbrella which goes down till your feet thus preventing you from the water is all way possible.

Eye Dropper Funnel

6) Breast Feeder

With this invention, the new born babies will no more feel the need of their mothers. These breast feeder is designed in such a way that even a guy can wear this and feed his baby when time come. Although it will make you look stupid but think of the perks of having it.

Breast Feeder

7) Unique cushion

Who don’t want to sleep in the laps of their mother or their wife’s or even their girlfriend’s. This Japanese unique cushion is designed just like a lap of their loved ones. So whenever you feel like sleeping in someone’s lap just imagine the person and put this cushions to your head.

Unique cushion

8) Valet Tie

This tie designed by the Japanese people contains several pockets in which you can put your valuables without having any errors. Now that you can carry your credit cards and cash in your tie, you won’t have to worry about carrying a wallet.

Valet Tie

9) Headband Umbrella

Tired of holding umbrella for long. Buy this new invention of Japanese. This headband umbrella enables you to hold your umbrella using the band. Don’t worry it will not get off.

Headband Umbrella

10) Tissue Paper holding machine

If you are suffering from severe cold, this machine will help you. Japanese people have developed a machine with which you can attach a tissue paper roll to you head. So whenever you’ll feel the urge to wipe your nose all you need to do is pull down the tissue paper from your head and wipe it.

Tissue Paper holding machine

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