Haryana India

Erroneous Demands for Reservation in India

It is really perplexing to notice the repetitive protests by the well off communities demanding reservation. The way Patidars in Gujarat asked for reservation last year was really offending and lead to a sarcastic end. Unaware of the loss that the country bore at that time, Jats of Haryana are replicating it this year. In […]


Budget Session on the Go

As the budget session is on the go, the industrialists, marketing people and the common man have got the excitement to know the upcoming budget. For a common man, the arrival of the new budget definitely brings a ray of hope, right from the children’s education plan to the future investment plans. Now that the […]

Sports Tennis

Sania Mirza And Martina Hingis Duo Soon To Break World Record

Indian tennis star Sania Mirza and her Swiss partner Martina Hingis are just four more wins away from making a new world record in women’s tennis history. Defeating their opponent Chinese pair Saisai Zheng and Yi-Fan Xu in WTA Qatar Open, the duo is just now few more steps away from breaking as well as […]