Why You should stay single leaving a Person Who Never Cares For You

In recent times, it becomes hard to find a genuine relationship. A strong and healthy relationship is never something that blooms just out of impulsiveness, rather it is something that matures with resources, energy, time and of course love devoted in it. If you are having a good relationship then you are truly blessed but […]


Really Marriages Are Made In Heaven?

Are you in love? And also want to get him or her beside you forever? Then marriage is something that brings both of you closer for the rest of your life. Marriage is nothing but a procedure through which two loving hearts make their relationship permanent, public, official and eternal as well. It is the […]


Bollywood Heartthrob Aamir Khan Has Superbly Appreciated Kannada Film ‘Thithi’

The Kannada movies released so far, the best being ‘Thithi’, which has received lots of appreciation not only from the audience in theaters but also from the film critics. Even director Raam Reddy’s ‘Thithi’ has fetched him the national award for this brilliant movie. As the popularity of this Kannada movie keeps on increasing even […]