How to transport your golf cart?

Moving from one city to another comes with its own problems. Especially when you have to move your beloved vehicles to a different place. The sport utility vehicles such as a golf cart are very delicate and should be taken very good care from the moment it is loaded till the time it is delivered […]


Find the Important facts About Donate Car to Charity California

If you are a wealthy man and possess more than one car, and you are searching for options other than selling your older car, it is time you consider charity. A charitable soul knows the value of charity and looks for options where he can contribute to the society. Giving money away helps the poor […]


It is only in India

Today we ‘ll show you some pictures that you will be sure of seeing it is only in India . We claim that this picture will be your entertainment. 1. CCTV made the fool.   2. You probably do not even think about this 3. Stick is working instead of remotes 4. You never thought […]