How pregnancy will alter the course of your relationship

Swollen legs, and a bloated belly are some of the changes you see in yourself in the endeavor of a new addition to your family.  At this juncture, husband and wife relationship during pregnancy will have a change from the exteriors as well. Let us put it in simple terms as love, pregnancy and relationship can all […]


Five Strategies to stay organized in college

One of the secrets of success in college is organization. Indeed, it’s a simple secret, but it’s one that could mean the difference between feeling stress and being able to manage your workload. However, organization itself can be a difficult habit to form. Just the same, disorganization can be a habit that is hard to […]

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Must visit Mosques in the city of Hindus

Just like temples and churches, even mosques hold a great importance. They are considered to be a holy place for Muslim people where they worship their almighty. It is a place where all the Muslims under the umbrella of Islam pray for the well-being of their loved ones. Islam is one unique religion that aims […]


Entrance Exam Coaching for the IIT JEE and Medical Colleges

Education is increasingly becoming a top-paced race towards an ever-increasing horizon of higher and higher technology. And yet, the student somehow prepares in time. The magic is in the coaching one gets for the exam and the race begins every year at the same time. Competition for the top institutions And so it has this […]