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3 Major Warning Signs Indicating that You Need New Tyres

Naveed Ganatra

Just like your feet get sore after a long walk, the car tyres are no exception. Your car tyres take the tough beating every time you drive over an irregular surface or bounce over the nasty puddles and pebbles. You may not be doing it deliberately but it’s an inevitable fact of life. With the span of time and after so much hits and though road conditions, your car tyres get old and worn down as well.

But if you aren’t really good at understanding cars or don’t have that experienced mechanic look, you won’t be able to identify that your car tyres need to be changed. In that case, there are a few warning signs that can help you determine whether you need new tyres for your car or not. So let’s dig in;

Tread Depth

Even the best car tires deals can’t ensure that the tread depth will last for lifetime. You need to be very careful about the tread depth of your tyre. It should never fall below the 1.6mm in depth. For the safe side, experts recommend that you should go get the new set of tyre when the tread depth starts going below 3mm. Depending upon the weather condition of the area you live in, it’s highly recommended to immediately get the buy the new tyre if you regularly drive on the slick or wet surfaces.

In order to keep up with the recommended tread depth, you can go for the depth gauge. The alternative method is much cheaper actually. It won’t cost you more than a penny, but a penny actually. Penny test to check the tread depth. Everyone know about this, you just have to insert the penny into your tyre tread in order to determine the depth of it. That’s quite simple.

Cracks in the Sidewall

Let’s not associate the tyre tread with all the tyre problems, there are many other components as well. How about the sidewall of your car tyre? Luckily, it’s much easier to do a visual check of the sidewall of your car tyre. All you need to do is, simply look for the cracks or any prominent cuts on the sidewall. Don’t miss out the grooves that can easy be visible to the naked eye. This is that sign that your car tyre is developing a leak. Ironically, it’s also a warning sign for the tyre blowout. Hence, it notifies that you need to get the new set of car tyres.

Blisters and Bulges

Just check if your car tyres are weakening from the outer surface or not. This happens because there can be a bulge or blister that usually extends outwards and affect the whole tyre. This is as worse as an aneurysm that humans get in their blood vessels. This is when doctor asks the patient to get admitted as quickly as possible before the artery blows out. Same is the case with your car tyre. Bulge or blister in your car tyre is actually a weak spot that can suddenly blow out especially when you are driving. Therefore, it’s the warning sign that you need to get the new set of tyres for your car from the best car tire deals.