4 Mistakes we do with Smoothies Leads to Weight Gain Instead Of Weight Loss

4 Mistakes we do with Smoothies Leads to Weight Gain Instead Of Weight Loss

As soon as you dust off the ol’blender several months ago, you have been proudly making smoothies rather than putting down the larger bowls of bagels and cereals for the breakfast. You can suppose this weight to just fall off, however they are not. Here are few reasons behind this;

Smoothie Spares on fiber

Fiber can be considered as a basic magical pill for fast weight loss. It is something that keeps you fuller for longer and keeps you from craving and leads to less eating in that day. Fruits contain fiber, however if you pick right fruits at right time. Bananas usually used as common ingredient in smoothies, but only half of them offers just 1.4 g of fiber. Try to have at least 10 g of fiber in every smoothie by adding fruits that are rich in fiber, such as kale, berries, avocado, pear, kiwi, flax meal, beans, chia seeds and protein powders based on plants.

Your Smoothie Lacks Protein

As most smoothies are green, however they don’t contain enough protein for your daily need. To avoid the urge on snacking on foods that are high in calories, target up to 10 g or protein in every smoothie. Few resources of protein are, milk and soy milk rather than lower protein almond version, cottage cheese, beans, soft tofu, nuts, protein powder and nut butter.

You get obsessed With Fruits

Sipping, creamy and cold smoothie prepared from fruit better than doughnut. However fruits are jam packed with nutrients and fiber, they are not void of calories. Therefore when your blender is filled with 5 different fruits you are actually taking more than 500 calories. As fruits contain natural sugars, our body can metabolize them fast, leads to hunger pangs in just an hour. To avoid this problem, pair your fruit with something that is rich in protein like milk, yogurt, soy milk, protein powder, nuts, beans and butter.

4 Mistakes we do with Smoothies Leads to Weight Gain Instead Of Weight Loss

You add More Sweeteners

A table spoon of maple syrup or honey contain 60 extra calories. And you do not even need any extra sweetening ingredient when you are making a smoothie that is full of naturally sweet fruit. No doubt, added sweeteners are also there in flavored yogurt, sweetened milks, fruit juices, and canned fruits with syrup. Therefore try to avoid any extra sugars, and try to use plain yogurt or unsweetened almond or soy milk. Believe, your taste buds will soon get habitual to it. Here I was found another product by John Barban is venus factor scam or not

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