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5 Astonishing Tourist Attractions In Dominica With A Valid Passport

Dominica; the “Nature Island of the Caribbean” is a perfect blend of the French, British and West Indian cultures. Its home to the Eastern Caribbean which is the largest Carib Indian territory that reflects these diversified roots through its language, customs, food and art. If you carry a Dominica passport, this is the perfect chance to escape the bitter and dry winter frost and head to the island where weather is just moderate and calm.

  1. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park

As difficult as it sounds, the Morne Trois Pitons National Park is labelled jewel of Dominica. The park encompasses most of the mountainous interior with primordial rainforest all the way to the diminutive cloud forest right on the peak at approximately 4,672 foot. Explore some of the most stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites that include Victoria Waterfall, fogged Boeri Lake, Emerald Pool, Boiling Lake, the Titou Gorge, Trafalgar and Middleham Falls.

  1. Victoria waterfall

Perhaps the most inspiring and stunning waterfalls on the island, the Victoria Waterfall is a part of Morne Trois Pitons National Park. It’s formed by the White River that gushes over a cliff all the way down into a warm pool. The milky-white shade is a result of natural mineral settlements that you can witness after a 40-minute hike across the river and boulder climbing. Hikers get the reward of relaxing in warm pool to soothe their nerves and revive the souls before moving onwards.

  1. The Trafalgar falls

Usually termed as Father and Mother; the Trafalgar fallsis another famous site. The twin fall lies at the end of 20-minute trekking through a jungle of vanilla orchids and ginger plants. The main stream flows right from the hearth of the mountains and join near the foot by a warm mineral spring. A perfect combination of hot and cool pool is formed right in between the sulphur-shaded rocks. This is yet another amazing attraction experienced best with Dominica passport.

  1. The Cabrits national park

Near the town of Portsmouth towards the northwest of Dominica, the Cabrits National Park is a sanctuary of lush swampland, rainforests, lively coral reefs and black-sandy beaches. The picturesque isthmus boasts panoramic views from the highest peak whereas reefs offer excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities. Remnants of the 18th century British fort; the Fort Shirley can be explored in the park alongside the Cabrits Cruise-Ship Port and Terminal. 

  1. Roseau

Roseau; capital of Dominica is entirely framed by lush cliffs and a multitude of colourful West Indian cottages, busy market stalls and modern buildings; each gives a distinct Rastafarian vibe. After the long-remembered Hurricane David, the capital’s waterfront has been transformed into a stunning seaside walkway and a docking area of cruise ships.

At the town’s centre is the Old Market where tropical fruits, herbs, vegetables, hand-crafted baskets and coconut-shell souvenirs are sold at a much economical cost so you can easily bring along a handful. A major landmark is the St. Patrick’s Catholic Cathedral which boasts the 19th century Gothic-Romanesque style church is must visit on Dominica passport.


While there’re many more, the above five destinations are primary attractions on the “Nature Island of the Caribbean”; none other than Dominica.