5 Efficient Ways to Make Writing a Daily Habit

Efficient Ways to Make Writing a Daily Habit

If you’ve been dabbling in writing for some time now, but still haven’t found a functional schedule for your creative activity, then you’re probably doing it wrong. Just like any other career, writing needs hard work. Sitting at your desk whenever the inspiration strikes won’t get you anywhere in the long run. Sure, if you’re doing it for the sake of art, then you can relax and go with the flow.

However, if you’ve got bigger plans, you should give your talent a boost. Easier said than done, but every day is a good day to create great content. We came up with 5 efficient ways to make writing a daily habit, so you’ll have no excuse to swing the lead.

Change your mindset
Imagine you’re about to start a diet. You have to reset your entire thinking mechanism in order to create new habits. It takes your brain some time to get used to the new lifestyle and so many different flavors. It’s easier to face changes of this kind when you upgrade your entire mindset. Ask yourself if writing is what you really want to do and if the answer is yes, then embrace the new framework, even though it might seem pointless. Once you commit to this, there is no turning back. It’s all or nothing, that is how it works.

Set realistic goals
However, breaking old habits can prove to be a difficult task. That’s why we strongly recommend setting realistic yet challenging goals that you can accomplish. For instance, focus on spending one hour a day at your desk, writing and rewriting. Even better, keep a calendar to mark every day you’ve met your goals and it will eventually become a routine.
Once you’ve taken to this new practice, you can push forward until you reach the ideal endurance. It takes time and patience, but it’s worth it.

Tip: find something that triggers the new habit. For instance, you could write in the evening and making yourself a cup of your favorite tea might be the trigger. It’s how you’re preparing your brain for what’s next.

Be prepared to write at all times
Which basically means that if you haven’t downloaded a notepad on your smartphone by now, you should. You can’t possibly predict when inspiration strikes, so you need to be ready. We’d say it is more of a mental encouragement than a practical one, but it does the trick.

For instance, did you know we’re more creative at night time when we’re more relaxed and at peace? Brilliant ideas are often born when the sun is down, so you might want to write them down as they come. Otherwise, you’ll forget them by morning. This happens especially when you’re struggling to meet a deadline. Let’s say you try to create good writing speech for the next day presentation or write a new chapter for your book. Always having the means to write will ease your work.

Stay away from distractions
We’re not suggesting that you isolate yourself from the rest of the world but rather spend some time in solitude to put your thoughts in order. So, shut everything down, clear your mind, take a break from the daily rush, and just write. This undistracted time you’re spending only with your pen and paper is like your daily coffee, a habit without which you’d lack enthusiasm each time you start the day. Can’t live without coffee, right?

Find a motivation
Whatever works for you is fine. Maybe you’d like to reward yourself after achieving your first goal to make the next one easier. The thought that there’s a sought-after prize waiting for you makes the entire process more doable. Or, you could use a reminder from a friend from time to time to keep you on track. Or even better, join a writing group where you can share your target goals with others and constantly update your progress. You’ll receive the support you need. After all, many hands make light work.

Remember, this entire process will make you a better writer, but it doesn’t have to be a burden on your shoulders. You have to keep pushing your limits but you’ll only lose motivation if you don’t make this challenge fun – at least a little. Writing should be an enjoyable time with yourself, learning how to do what you do better for a great purpose. Have a cup of coffee or play your favorite music (it doesn’t have to be Mozart, rock music will do just fine if it’s what you like). It’s as easy as that.

You will notice an improvement in your writing, for sure. Maybe you’ll write faster, or perhaps, you’ll find your style; either way, making all these changes is only going to get you further. How hard was it for you? What tricks worked in your case?

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