5 Types of People Who Will Never Be Successful in Freelance Writing

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The career of a freelance writer seems to be extremely attractive. You just need to take a couple of orders, write some texts, and enjoy the benefits of completed work – high and regular payments. However, the real career of a freelance writer has many complications which can hardly be understood until a person faces them. In most cases, these complications concern the process of writing itself. Besides, these complications are really the things that prevent people from the successful writing career.

In this article, we are going to talk about the types of people (and their behavior patterns) that will never be successful in freelance writing career. Of course, these patterns can be changed, so if you have noticed that you have some of them, just do everything possible to get rid of them as soon as possible.

  • You hate writing

The first thing that comes to mind when we are talking about the people who will definitely fail with writing is hate to the process of writing. If you have noticed that you always had huge problems with writing essays at college or university, writing probably is just not your thing.

For example, you’ve heard that freelance writers earn huge money by just making effective texts for landing pages. You think that you are capable of writing a couple of sentences that will become the selling points for the products. However, when you start writing, you understand that you hate each and every word that you write. You cannot find a proper synonym, you cannot provide enough ideas to tell the same thing with other words, and you basically dream of getting rid of all these problems by just deleting your article.

  • You are never inspired by good pieces of writing

A writer should always get inspiration from some sources. It may be music or films, however, the main sources for a writer are another people’s good pieces of writing. For example, if you need to create a stunning speech writing piece, you should check other’s speeches. You will be able to write something extraordinary (or at least to understand how to write it) after checking the speeches of famous politicians. They usually have the best speeches and their speech writers know how to extract the most important points.

  • You always miss deadlines

If you have noticed that you never come on time and have huge problems meeting the deadlines, the career of a freelance writer is not for you. The matter is that all customers demand the work to be done on time and if you miss the estimated time, the same customer will hardly agree to cooperate with you again. To maintain good relations with clients is a number one issue for all freelance writers as they need to get the opportunities for future orders.

  • You are not organized

Organization along with time management are the key factors to success. If you cannot organize your work and your orders, you will not be able to provide your clients with the high-quality work. For example, if you have got some order but you decided to avoid performing some tasks concerning it (to do research or to find necessary evidence), your client will be disappointed. You need to organize your work in such a way so you do not forget and do not avoid any of the tasks.

  • You hate to cooperate with people

Many people think that freelance writing career is the best for those who hate people. It seems that you just need to sit at home and write some texts, avoiding the communication with the outer world. You avoid communication with some indeed but you do not remove it from your live. Moreover, when you work as a freelance writer, you need to love to communicate with people as people are your clients. Besides, you write for people and if you hate them, your texts will never get the desired response.

Everyone would like to become successful in freelance writing but only some people reach the desired results. The main thing here is love to the process of writing, love for writing of other people, ability to present the results of work on time, ability to organize your work and keep up with set goals. And of course, you need to be friendly and like people enough to be able to sell them any product with the help of the words that you choose.

Every writer has a magical power of making people believe them by using their words. If you want to become a successful freelance writer, become a magician of choosing words and presenting them to people!

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