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A To Z Of Cleaning Vehicle Tires

Having been in direct contact with road during driving, tires of the vehicle can get extremely dirty and filthy. To maximize their performance, they need to be cleaned regularly. Also protect them from excess of sunlight. This is because extended exposure to high temperatures and sunlight can cause cracks in the rubber. To avoid facing such environmental damages, you should pay special attention on cleaning and maintenance of car tires in Dubai.

A wide range of cleaning products is available. You can pick the most suitable among them according to your requirements. Below I am sharing the essential cleaning and mainatencne steps you must take to prevent tires from developing dry rotted cracks on the surface.

Collect all the cleaning supplies

From cleaning products like soap to tools like bucket, pressure washer and wash mitt, arrange everything in your garage.

Start process with rinsing wheels with water

As they carry dried dirt, mud and break dust, rinse it with water to soften and wash off heavy deposits. Use pressure washer preferably to blast away the dirt from the rubber surface.  Rinse deeply between the wheels spokes to clean dirt deposits from the inner rim. Don’t forget to wash the sidewall with water stream.

Now mix soap/cleaning mixture in water

Take a bucket full of water and add sufficient quantity of soap or liquid cleaners. Apply this mixture very well to completely remove grease and road oil from the wheel surface.

Next step is scrubbing

After application of cleaning mixture start scrubbing tires with wash mitt and thoroughly remove dirt and road contaminants as much as you can. Don’t forget to wipe between spokes with the wash mitt.

Wash them off again

After detailed scrubbing, rinse the soapy water with the help of pressure washer. Ensure thorough rinsing till all the soap has been washed off from the wheel  and tire.

Clean the rims

Even after thorough rinsing and pressure cleaning, rim may still carry tough-to-remove sticky material like brake dust, which can even rust the metallic wheel and discolor its face permanently. So never ignore the rims.

Instead of using same wash mitt, use applicator pads and clean lint-free cloths with wheel brush, cleaner and sealant. Spray the cleaner very well to coat the wheel. Clean rims one by one to avoid drying cleaner on the wheel surface. Leave the cleaner on the surface for at least 30 seconds to perform its action of breaking down the build-ups.

Pick up the brush and scrub wheel surface to clean the dirt debris. Try access between the spokes and around the rim bead. Brush can effectively remove the brake dust deposits.

Finally rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Use a pressure washer to wash off the bits of dirt and grime. Don’t leave it wet and dry wheel with a clean lint-free cloth. After that apply wheel sealant with the help of applicator pad and let it dry.

Condition the tires

Once rims are completely dried, condition the rubber tires. Conditioning is essential as it will prevent tires from cracks. Usually, tire dressing is used to maintain deep black color of the treads.

Endnote: Irrespective of the vehicle you are using taking proper care of tires in Dubai is essential to conserve overall performance of the vehicle.