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A Trip Exploring The Best That The Beautiful Srinagar Has To Offer

Romantic houseboat rides, beautiful landscape straight out of a book or a motion picture and much more, Srinagar is a paradise on earth. Set in the most distant Northern region of the country, this excellent place never stops to pull in crowd and astonish them.

 Srinagar is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in India. It is lovely, calm and is a standout amongst the most sought after tourist hot spots in India. One of the best highlights of trip to the city will be the romantic boat rides, cruising over the crystal clear and pristine Dal Lake. You can also choose to stay in one of the boat houses or make your stay in a guest house in Srinagar. Charmingly beautiful in winters with layers of snow covering the entire territory and a lovely cool climate encompassing the entire spot amid summer’s, Srinagar is one of the best getaways in North Delhi.

 There is no particular time to visit Srinagar as it can be visited anytime of the year, however, the spot sees a top season during the summers starting from May. Individuals who are fascinated by snow visit the city during the winters. Another element adding another feather to its cap is the availability of air services despite being located in one end of the extreme corner of India, a luxury the cities in the far end of the cardinal points of the country do not get to enjoy.

 Srinagar is the summer capital and a beguiling town of Kashmir state in India. It is dotted with wooden Kashmiri mosques and broad nurseries with wide combination of vegetation species. The Mughal Garden, Shalimar Bagh is characteristic Persian style of building with trenches, wellsprings and pools inside it; Chashme Shahi and Pari Mahal are its most extraordinary parts. This park is in close proximity to Nishat Bagh and Dal Lake.

 Srinagar additionally offers its guests an extensive variety of open air exercises. Paragliding other than anything is something you should definitely give a try while in the city. The exciting background is not to be missed and the excellent landscape of Srinagar makes paragliding here different from any other places in India. Its landscape is additionally ideal for trekking. Be cautioned that the atmosphere goes thinner as you go up in Srinagar hence people with health problems are advised not to go to high up as it may lead to breathlessness and palpitations at the least.

 There is no lack for spots to stay in Srinagar with facilities of all prices and facilities accessible. From places to splurge to places with the basic necessities supplying nothing but a bed, a roof, warm water and hot tea in the morning. You will also find out that the food there is mostly of vegetarian cuisine and although you may be a heavy meat lover, you will fall in love with their rich cuisine.

 One of nearest cities you can reach Srinagar from is Chandigarh. Chandigarh to Srinagar flights is one of the most demanded flights from the city, only next to the flight from New Delhi. Plan a trip to Srinagar and fall in love with the gem of a land that it is.

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