All About The Dedicated Server

All about the dedicated server

When you are about to launch your website then one of the most important decisions that you need to make is choosing a web hosting service. Web hosting service plays a very important and big role in the success of any website that’s why it is always advised that you should make use of the best web hosting service that can help you to make your website run faster and smoother.

When you think for a best choice that you have under this category then there is only one option that always considered as a best and that option is dedicated servers and especially equinix dedicated servers.

What is dedicated server?

In this hosting one entire server is dedicated to one particular website or any company. This server gives full control to its client as it lease the server and more than that this is the most secure web hosting server that currently present. This is secure because you don’t have to share this with any other all t5he activities that you do is control and seen by only you. As you have total control on this server that also means that only you can use the server resources such as its hardware and its software.

Benefit of having dedicated server

Up time – as it is secure and reliable and you do not share your bandwidth with anyone that means that you get the more up time for your website.

Scalability – scalability is one of the best features of this server. If you are new and want to expand your website than with time you can do that very conveniently.

Flexible – you can access all the feature of the web hosting service or a server. Because when you share the server you can’t change some features because it can affect other website but with dedicated servers no such issue can occur.

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