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Ankita Got Married in Chandigarh

Ankita Tiwari, a twenty first century girl, although belonging from an orthodox Brahmin family of Cuttack, but had developed modern thoughts due to her academic years spent in Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi. She had been working with one of the prominent corporate companies of India since past five years. But she experienced the real irony of her life on her twenty ninth birthday, when she came to know that her parents were looking for a typical Brahmin guy to get her married to. And the hurdle in that path was that she had the effect of planet mars (mangal) in her horoscope. It was unbelievable for her to digest the fact that her parents still believe in all this bullshit theories. She even tried to rebel, but she faced a lot of resistance from her parents which resulted in a tensed atmosphere at her home. And finally she gave up – she couldn’t take a stand for herself bringing tears in her parents’ eyes.

Resultantly, the search for a perfect groom for her started by her parents on a big scale. They anyhow wanted to get her married before she turns thirty, as it is considered in orthodox Indian society that a girl should get married before she hits her thirties. They started consulting every relative asking them to suggest a probable groom for Ankita, they even started visiting sanctimonious astrologers. Whatever matches were coming used to step aside because of the effect of Mars in Ankita’s horoscope.

Finally, one fine day, Ankita’s matrimonial profile got matched with Chandigarh based Arun Shukla. He was a well settled man, 32 years old, having Mars effect in his horoscope as well. Resultantly, Ankita’s and Arun’s horoscopes matched perfectly. Both the families contacted each other and things went pretty smooth. But one condition from the groom’s side paved difficulty for Ankita’s parents. Arun’s grandmother was very old and not keeping well, and hence she could not travel all the way to attend her grandson’s wedding. So they asked bride’s side to come to Chandigarh for the marriage purpose. At the end, Ankita’s parents agreed but reluctantly. They knew that it is going to be very difficult to relocate all the way to Chandigarh, with all the necessary commodities required for marriage.

Then they came to know about a service of packers and movers Cuttack named APM India Relocation Pvt Ltd through a newspaper advertisement. They contacted APM and within their conversation, they found the silver bullet for their problem. Finally everything was settled, and APM people arrived at Ankita’s home. They assisted in cautiously packing everything. Then they carefully loaded everything on the couple of big trucks they had brought. Trucks were good enough to ensure the safety of the products on the bumpy Indian roads. After arranging and loading everything, they left for Chandigarh. It took them a fifteen hours drive to reach Chandigarh. After unloading the trucks, every product was as same as they were before loading. APM also assisted in arranging those products in the hired guest house. And then they left after giving their best wishes to to-be-married girl and her family.

The marriage ceremony carried out peacefully and harmoniously. Both the families mingled up very well. Ankita and Arun also got to know each other closely. And they both started liking each other as well. It was then Ankita realized that parents are not always wrong.

It has been two years since when Ankita and Arun got married. And the good news is that they are expecting their first baby in the months to come. So happy they are. All’s well that ends well.

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