Best tips of regulating Serostim injections

suggsted dosage for bodybuilders

You must have heard the name of HGH or human growth hormone. It is a synthetically prepared growth hormone supplement that helps in the development and proliferation of body cells for greater strength and power output. It is produced and released into the market under various brand names and forms such as oral pills or capsules and injections. The injectable form of HGH is available in the market under the trade name of Serostim that is majorly used for treating patients suffering from serious biological disorders like HIV/AIDS or people with muscle wasting syndrome (commonly known as cachexia). But this is the medical usage of the hormonal injection. Why do you think it is so popular among reputed and dedicated fitness enthusiasts? Does it have any body building property as well as part of the non medical side? Well your guess is correct then since the synthetic hormone has designed in a way to help interested weight lifters and athletes build lean muscle tissues at a rapid rate and also manage body weight within healthy limits. Serostim largely helps in bulking muscle mass and increasing the body’s endurance capacity and stamina. Want to know if it is going to work wonders in your body?  Get all updated facts on Serostim and buy the product by clicking here.

How to take Serostim?

Serostim in generally marketed in small vials of different measurements in order to make it convenient for the user to exercise its dosage cycle with safety. It is available in vials of 4 mg, 5 mg and 6 mg strengths and the suggsted dosage for bodybuilders in the following chart:

  • Somatropin -4 mg, 5 mg or 6 mg respectively
  • Sucrose -27.3 mg, 34.2 mg, or 41 mg respectively
  • Phosphoric acid -0.9 mg, 1.2 mg, or 1.4 mg respectively

There are several other brands of HGH such as Norditropin, Saizen and Humatrope which are great anti catabolic and anabolic agents. Their mode of action is by interacting with the cellular receptors of different kinds of cells such as adipocytes (fat cells), lymphocytes (small white blood cells or WBCs), hepatocytes (liver cells), myocytes (muscle cells) and hematopoietic cells. These effects are brought about by triggering the stimulation of higher growth hormone production and the subsequent release of insulin like growth factor-1 or IGF-1.

What does Serostim do?

The product is created inside undergrounds laboratories with the advanced procedure of recombinant DNA technology, which is also popularly known as genetic recombination. What scientists do in such a technique is that they take the functional genes of the parent hormone and clone them into vectors to be multiplied in numbers and then incorporating into the body via oral capsules or injections.

That is why the molecular structure and the amino acid sequence of Serostim is similar to that of the 191 amino acid chain of natural growth hormone. The cloning is generally done in a mammalian cells line of mice (C127). Plan your diet according to the suggested dosage for bodybuilders for effective end results.

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