Buy Car Insurance to Keep Your Vehicle Protected This Monsoon

Although, monsoon relieves us from scorching summer days, it puts the safety of our vehicles at stake. Any significant loss to vehicles can trigger massive financial setbacks and the best bet for car-owners to stay safe is to be armed with comprehensive car insurance in India.

Why Should You Buy Car Insurance in India This Monsoon?

Car insurance in India is essential. If you own a car, you should buy car insurance for a number of reasons.

Foggy roads are very common in misty monsoon mornings. Car accidents are very much on the cards due to poor visibility and mishaps sometime result into severe loss or even total loss of the vehicle. A comprehensive online car insurance in India keeps you financially protected in case your vehicle gets involved in any such mishaps. But the coverage don’t take depreciation of motor parts into consideration. Similarly, even if you buy car insurance online, it wouldn’t cover your losses due to damaged engine caused by water-logged roads which is very typical to monsoon in India.

Avail Online Car Insurance Add-On Covers

The key to get complete protection from common hazards of monsoon is to buy car insurance add-on covers. Here is a list of add-on covers that ensure total safety of your  vehicle.

Hydrostatic Lock Cover

One of the most crucial car insurance add-on covers during monsoon is the Hydrostatic Lock cover. It covers the expenses of replacing and repairing engine after getting damaged by water ingression. In comparison to the massive cost of replacing engine, the cost of this car insurance add-on cover is insignificant. However, you can buy this car insurance add-on cover only if your vehicle is not older than 5 years. And, even after purchasing, this online car insurance add-on cover will cease to have effect if you transfer the ownership of the vehicle or if the vehicle is used not for private purpose.

Engine Protect Cover

This car insurance add-on cover keeps all sorts of engine damage protected. Aside from engine, you can avail this online car insurance add-on cover to keep your expenses covered due to damage to the following parts of your vehicle;

  • Transmission
  • Gear Box
  • Power Steering Pump

If you buy car insurance add-on covers to reap the benefit throughout the year, this can be your ideal choice as damage to power steering pump and gear box can happen any time. Moreover, irrespective of any mishap, Engine Protect Cover offer compensation for engine repairs.

Zero Depreciation Cover

If your car parts get damaged in an accident a regular policy due to mists created by monsoon, your regular car insurance in India will pay your claim after deducting as per the rate of depreciation of the damaged parts. The depreciation rate increases when the car gets older, and you have to pay the majority of the claim.

But, if you buy car insurance add-on cover that takes depreciation into account you will get full claim paid for damaged parts. The rate of this online car insurance add-on cover differs from one insurer to another.

Return To Invoice Cover

In case your vehicle gets damaged too badly on foggy monsoon roads and your insurer consider it as a total loss, this online car insurance add-on cover will come to your rescue. The benefit of deciding to buy car insurance add-on cover that helps you get the original invoice value is you don’t have to fill the difference between the amount approved by your car insurance provider for claim and the original cost of purchasing from your own pocket.

This car insurance add on cover also come with few limitations. As this online car insurance add-on cover is not effective for imported vehicles and for any vehicles up to three years old.

Roadside Assistance Cover

Getting stranded in water-logged street is another ordeal of driving in monsoon. If your vehicle remains stranded for hours, chances of major losses rise and this is why you should secure roadside assistance that comes with an online car insurance add-on cover at an additional premium. This car insurance add-on cover can facilitate you with urgent services like free towing service, taxi service, minor breakdown repair and by assisting to arrange accommodation.

All these car insurance add-on covers provide complete protection in monsoon season. So, when you buy car insurance in India, you should consider availing online car insurance add-on covers as well.

Author Bio:

Sudarsan Bose has been associated with India’s insurance sector for many years. Based on his years of experience he frames articles on several different facets of insurance in India. The ones he writes about car insurance in India are particularly acclaimed by car-owners in India.