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The unique charm of religious places of Bhopal

Known to be the land of religious and cultural diversity, Bhopal is the land of ethnic religion and scenery beauty. This place has gained a spot of the tourist interest because of which it is known to be one of the tourist destinations in India. Other than rich flora and fauna, placid lakes, ancient monuments, […]

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Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, a common man’s boon to fulfill the dream of a home

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, a phenomenal affordable housing scheme to fulfill the dreams of many urban poor families in their attempts of owning a home. It is the vision of the India’s beloved Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to get every urban poor person under the benefit of the scheme by making him/her own a […]

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US-India New Defense Treaty: Chine And Pakistan is Following Eagerly

As US was planning for a crucial partnership with India for a long time, thus this is the right time to boost the alliance between US and India. But this has been threatened by the China’s emerging military possession. As there was no treaty tied between US and India before, so Mark Warner, Senator of […]

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Severe Drought is Grasping the Country:Armed Guards to Protect India’s Dam

According to the Indian Government official report a total of 330 million people i.e. about a quarter of the total population are suffering from severe water crisis as there is no monsoon from the past two weeks in the villages of Madhya Pradesh. Thus worst drought has already started grasping the villages in and around […]

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Blaze attacked Delhi’s National Museum in the Early Hours of Tuesday

Major fire broke out in the iconic National Museum in Delhi on late Monday night. The six-storied National Museum of Natural History is located in Mandi House, near Connaught Place beside the FICCI premises, New Delhi, exhibiting many rare specimens and taxidermied animals. The National Museum of Natural History was established in 1972 to promote […]

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High-Speed Bullet Train: First Time in Indian History

Suddenly there is a hot news for the Indian Railways industry as Modi Government has given permission for the high-speed train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Globally known for lighter and faster trains, this Spanish locomotive-maker, Talgo will bring new step for the Indians toward the most high-speed train. These trains are already running in several […]

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Many Lives Affected Due to Extreme Drought Declared by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court reveals that due to draught in India at least 330 million people are affected showing negative impacts on the overall lifestyle of Indian citizens. The poor farmers are desperately facing huge losses and the entire country is suffering from water crisis that’s making life difficult. People are now looking for some rays […]

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Another Devastating Hits Myanmar And Some Parts Of North And North-Eastern India

An enormous earthquake hits today at Myanmar and some parts of India including Patna, Delhi, Jharkhand, Assam and different parts of West Bengal. The measurement of the magnitude of the earthquake according to the Richter Scale is said to be 7.0 but few sources reported it to be 6.8. The extent of the damages caused […]

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Kolkata Flyover Collapse: Breaks Out The Fear

In a major drastic event as on Thursday, an under-construction flyover suddenly broke down in North Kolkata at Girish Park (Ganesh Talkies) killing over 24 people and injuring approximately over 100 people. The incident took place when the construction workers were on the spot managing to finish the work on time. This is when the […]

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Erroneous Demands for Reservation in India

It is really perplexing to notice the repetitive protests by the well off communities demanding reservation. The way Patidars in Gujarat asked for reservation last year was really offending and lead to a sarcastic end. Unaware of the loss that the country bore at that time, Jats of Haryana are replicating it this year. In […]