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Social media marketing: Know the six benefits it offers businesses of all types

Social media marketing, in the last couple of years, had acquired a crucial role, especially in the virtual world. Social media is currently being used by more than two billion people across the globe on a regular basis. This is what has been compelling organizations in all domains and of all sizes and volume of […]

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Why Google Plus Is Especially Important for SEO

Online Marketing While Google denies any direct relationship between Google Plus content and activity on one hand and SEO rankings on other, very often good ranking sites have good Google Plus activity. While in theory this could be pure coincidence, the results speak for themselves. Here are some reasons why Google Plus is especially important […]

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All You Need To Know About Facebook At Work

By the word social networking the first name to click our mind is ‘Facebook’.It’s a major source of entertainment for people around the world.It has also helped in creating a brand name for many individuals as well as industries too.Most people who do know how to use a computer or a smartphone and have an […]

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How Social Media Is Inculcated In Education?

Is Social media just a trend, or the biggest revolutionary discovery in the history of the world? Facebook has around 500 million users, Twitter has over 200 million and millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. There are several blogs written every day and everyone today has Tumblr. It’s impossible to keep our […]