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Check out Trends that are shaping the Software Testing Process these days

When it comes to software testing, there is plenty to think about for QA and IT management. A software testing trend is shaping up how quality assurance testing process is done these days. When it comes to a software testing service, choosing the best method depends on various factors, including the objectives, who will do […]

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Few Amazing Tips and Tricks to use Advanced Excel That Help You Get an Instant boost at Work

Apart from Windows, which is an OS Microsoft have even developed a software known as Microsoft Excel which is a boon for all the different people who are dealing with spreadsheets, calculations, and different things. Microsoft Excel is a part of Microsoft Office which includes some unique software which makes the day to day task […]

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Colors Play an Important Role in Attracting Visitors to a Website

There are some critical aspects that companies starting a new venture should take care of. Even young entrepreneurs must consider many aspects like a business plan for starting their business with aplomb. Excellent promotions prior to the launch of the product and the follow up with the prospective customers are the norm but I would […]


5 Simple Steps to an Effective Web Designing Strategy

With the advancement in the technology or in the internet world has changed drastically and has provided many solutions through its services. Everyone depends on the internet almost for everything such as for shopping, for news etc. Because of so many websites, their life becomes very easy. Users love the websites which are attractive and […]

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Why is Oracle so special?

Oracle is the essential part of any organisation especially the one who is managing the large company with thousands of employee. Oracle is the world’s biggest company since it has many unique features for the well being of the customers. Oracle always introduces new features, and at the same time it will update the previous […]

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How to stay away from negative SEO

The internet is a crowded place. You see all types of people on internet these days. Most of them are unnecessary and unwanted. That is the main reason why people are cautious when clicking on links and websites. They only trust the sites that are top on their search engine lists. To remain on the […]


A Quick Guide to Netgear Wireless Router Setup

A wireless router tends to act as a gateway as well as a wireless access point responsible for connecting two devices over the network. At the same time, to be more specific the same netgear wireless router setup also tends to act as a conduit between computers and a good range of other peripheral devices with a […]


Looking for Your Company’s Growth? Here’s the Deal

SEO companies are mushroomed over the market wrapping the online businesses at the edge. Small or big, various enterprises are trying to hire the topmost SEO firms with luring promises. But how can every SEO company ensure that their client will be on the first page of search engine result pages. So, facing the fact, […]


How to Build Your Web Designing Business

After obtaining web designing skills and gaining few clients, it is time for you to share your talent with the world. Web designers either work as freelance or in a well settled firm. It is often observed that those who work as freelance acquire an unrivalled ambition. They have the advantage of choosing their own […]