People Who Badly Require High Speed Internet In Their Lives

Almost all of our lives highly depend on the internet. The service has changed the daily lives of people for good. It has allowed the people to connect to anyone and get whatever they want. The virtual world brings all kinds of products and services in your pocket. However, there are a few types of […]

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Mobile App Development & Testing Checklist

Mobile application development and testing is the rage nowadays. With the rapid surge of smart devices and tech revolution, it has grown radical allowing developers and test teams to put their expertise at best. Mobile apps development in Dubai, as well as testing, seems to have gained momentum due to theoutgrowth of digital marketing and […]


How To Get Your Ford Radio To Work Again?

Like any new gadget or device we obtain we must learn about the ins and outs of this device first, so that there are no troubles in the future. Normally every little inconvenience can be solved with a trick or two if we only new them when the times called for it. that is why […]

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Golden Rules to Effective Android Application Development

Software development is one of the booming industries in present time. There would be hardly any business who would not want to have their own mobile app as it is becoming one of the best ways for business promotion and reaching masses. This article will talk about what is Mobile application development and why companies […]

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The Future of Mobile phone

Gone are those days where cellular phone were used only for voice interaction. It is an all-in-one device now, which plays a substantial duty in wireless interaction. Advertisement The future of mobile phone is unpredictable as most of us have actually seen its development in the previous few years. During the twentieth century, cars and […]


Reliance Jio Publicly Released Cheaper Roll-out Product: Unlimited 4G

After long waiting finally Ambani’s Reliance Group’s telecom branch, Reliance Jio, launched the most awaited 4G service but on trial basis. This lauching has taken place in different telecom zones across India. But a person can avail the 4G service only after getting an invitation from Reliance Industries group employees. Another way to avail the […]

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Don’t be Shocked: Now Smartphone at Rs 888

Just like Ringing Bells Freedom 251, Docoss has recently launched their brand new android phone, Docoss X1, at a price of Rs 888. After launching this smartphone there is a huge rush of traffic in the company’s website as this surprise is beyond people’s imagination. The features available in Docoss X1 include: 4-inch display screen […]

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The New Feature Of Whatsapp

The most widely used mobile app Whatsapp has launched a new feature to boost up the opportunity. Now users can send documents over the phones through Whatsapp. Previously it was used as texting service between mobile phones, as it can be used by only using mobile data, so over 900 million users are active in […]