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Medicinal values of Triphala and Aloe Vera

Triphala, the most popular product available in the market these days. This is a combination of Amalaki, Bibhitaki, Haritaki fruits formulated into herbal Rasayana with many medicinal uses. This Triphala tonic is used for digestion, gentle bowel moment, etc. This is also used to burn fat in weight loss programs. The availability: Triphala is now […]

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Pakistan Denies To Take Responsibility For The Terrorist Attack In Dhaka

Pakistan has clearly denied the connection of Islamabad or ISI with the terrorist attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Primarily the U.S embassy in Dhaka claimed that they have some video evidence to prove the ISI connection with Terrorist attack at “Gulshan café” in Dhaka. On reply to this acclamation, Pakistan has stated that they don’t have […]

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Brexit: the Most Exciting Affair Going to Happen Soon

US President Obama revealed that due to recent UK vote, there would be extreme challenges and this gives rise to a long-term concern in the global growth and economy. He even said that Brexit would be responsible to freeze the possibilities for investment in Great Britain or may be it would be risky for entire […]

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Orlando Massacre: The Insane Shooter Attacked on the Mass Brutally

The nightclub was flowing in the gay laughter & enjoyment when the insane shooter attacked on the mass ruthlessly. The sudden occurrence of the incident made the mass spell bound. Some of them became shot before they could understand what was happening. The Horrendous Incident: The nightclub named Pulse is the biggest nightclub at Orlando […]

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Devastating Bomb Explosion Shook Brussels: Threats target mainly Airport and Metro Station

Series of life-threatening as well as destructive bomb explosions have traumatized Belgium’s capital Brussels around 7 o’clock on Tuesday morning targeting the city’s departure hall of main airport and metro station according to city’s leading broadcaster, RTBF. As per Belgium official’s report, twin blast attacked Zaventem Airport by taking lives of 17 people and 25 […]

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Poll Prompts Push for Environmental Management System in Queensland

These days, we are increasingly being urged to reduce our carbon footprint, by living in ‘smart’ homes, using the car less, recycling, and buying more environmentally-friendly products. Businesses, too, are being asked to do the same thing, which has seen an increased interest in environmental management systems in Queensland, and throughout Australia. An environmental management […]

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Japan Earthquake Caused Severe Loss for Toyota, Nissan, Honda and Sony

A devastating ea rthquake stopped the production in major automobiles as well as electronics manufacturing industries in the southwestern coast of Japan. This 2016 earthquake occurred in a series mainly affecting the Kumamoto Prefecture of Kumamoto city in Kyushu region of Japan at a depth of 10 kilometers and magnitude of 7.0 on April 14. This […]

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Fears Break Out in Japan Due to Friday’s Upsetting Earthquake

Japan is again facing a high time due to a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 that hit Japan at 01:25 that’s 15:25 GMT (Friday). The centerpoint is at a depth of 10 Km (6 miles) in Kumamoto, which already faced an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on Thursday. Approximately 2,000 people got injured who […]

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World’s Largest Alligator Hunted by Lightsey

A great incident that comes out viral today is the hunter who revealed that he shot an alligator weighing 800lb that’s 360Kgs. The fact is really unbelievable but this is the truth as divulged by BBC news. Lee Lightsey, a professional hunter with ample skills reveals that the 15ft that’s 4.5 m beast is the […]