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Environmental Awareness Training Will Motivate Staff And Customers

Caring for the environment is no longer just the concern of the few, but the responsibility of us all. Once dismissed as the work of ‘greenies’ or radical groups, environmental management should now be considered an integral part of everything we do.

And that means all businesses should be focussing on working cleaner and greener.

Wise business owners know that this is an integral part of running a successful organisation. They realise that the businesses that do well are the ones that are well-managed, efficient and customer-focused.

Commitment to the Environment

They also realise that being ‘green’ is also a way of producing better quality products for less money, and attracting and keeping more customers.

By demonstrating its commitment to environmental awareness training and management systems, an organisation will enhance its reputation and gain an edge over competitors.

Customers are increasingly demanding sustainable business practices, and they know the real thing when they see it! It’s no longer enough to stick a picture of a tree on your packaging and print on recycled paper – it’s a mindset that has to be reflected throughout all aspects of your organisation.

And what’s more, it’s not limited to the ‘obvious’ industries, like mining or construction. Every type of business can work greener, and save money in the process.

ISO Lead Auditor Training

Assessing how well a business is doing in the environmental stakes is the job of internal and lead auditors – especially of that organisation is implementing an environmental management system and hoping to achieve ISO accreditation.

As a result there is an increasing demand for ISO 14001 EMS lead auditor training courses.

An EMS lead auditor course is ideal for someone seeking a career with responsibility, where no two days are ever the same. ISO 14001 lead auditor training is particularly suited to solution-based thinkers, with good communication skills and a passion for the environment.

Identifying Risks

Auditors play a very important role in steering organisation towards success in ISO accreditation. Indeed, many businesses train and employ their own internal auditors, to help them identify what’s working, and what’s not.

Environmental awareness training for staff is also essential for a business to go down this route. All staff need to be onboard, with sound leadership coming from the top.

Environmental awareness training should look at all aspects of the business, with the goal of reducing waste, reducing energy usage, making better use of resources, re-using or recycling wherever possible, reducing paper use and much more.

Training will also help employees identify potential risks to the environment and reduce the organisation’s impact.

Fulfil Legal Requirements

There are many benefits to be gained from doing this, not least the financial saving to the company. Utilising an environmental management system will help the business fulfil its legal and ethical responsibilities and stay on the right side of the law.

It will also open doors to better trading partners and bigger contracts, where suppliers are chosen using strict criteria based on quality, safety and environmental management.

An unexpected benefit to all this is that it also tends to improve staff motivation, especially where employees are given some ‘ownership’ of the system and encouraged to come up with ideas and solutions.

Simon is an experienced professional journalist who writes extensively about the increasing importance of Environmental Awareness Training for Australian businesses.

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