Final Shooting Of ‘Sultan’ Ended With A Joyful Party

The shooting of the latest upcoming Salman Khan’s movie finally came to an end with an awesome wrapping up party and also with a friendly wrestling match. There was a bright glow in Salman Khan’s smile as he was enjoying with members of the set and also with the director of the film, Ali Abbas Zafar. On this behalf, Zafar commented in Twitter along with posted some photos that there became an excellent bonding between two reputed wrestlers and the leading hero of the movie Sultan. The pictures posted by Zafar show that the robust and enthusiastic superstar is lifting the two muscular wrestlers on his two shoulders while enjoying the party.

The storyline of the movie Sultan features the love life of a Haryana wrestler and the role of his love was played by beautiful as well as charming actress of Bollywood, Anushka Sharma. In this film, Anushka is named as ‘Arfa’ and her photo of driving a tractor suddenly broke out in the internet and proves to be very much exciting for her crazy fans. The movie got shooted in various places including Haryana, New Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. In the early morning of the last day of shooting, the shoot begins like the actor was farming a field by driving a tractor and was sweating vigorously in the scorching heat of sun. In this movie the remarkable actor is playing the role of a wrestler who is from a farmer family called by ‘Sultan Ali Khan’. Thus in the last day of shooting, the movie got its title as ‘Sultan’.

Final Shooting Of ‘Sultan’ Ended With A Joyful Party

Recently the released secret of the movie have created a rapid vibration among Salman Khan’s fan all over. Moreover the passionate actor gains huge appreciation from his followers as well as from the critics for his perfect look for the role and also for his Haryanvi accent. According to a report the superstar was looking very handsome in one of the shoot where he was running in tractor over the field in blue shirt in some ‘ala desi’ wrestler style. For this wrestler role Salman Khan has pit on some extra two or kilos to look bulky and healthy in the movie. The broadcasted teaser also revealed ‘Afra’ as Anushka Sharma in the film and thereby praising followed for the leading actress.

In the wrapping up party, Salman Khan was in a very cheerful mood and was smiling like a flashy mood. The director of the movie, Zafar also reported that the excited actor was also lifted up by a wrestler named as Hind Kesari Jagdish kaliraman on his shoulder in the wrestling game. Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma starring the movie got packed up with last shooting in Punjab. Some of the renowned actors like Amit Sadh and Randeep Hooda also played superb role in this movie. All the actors along with director and crew members are eagerly waiting for the release of the movie in the coming Eid.

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