Four Absolutely Must-Know Aspects for Getting The Right Human Resources Certification

Human Resources

Getting certified in Human Resources Management has today become an absolute necessity for Human Resources Professionals. This year, the specialized programs offered by the Talent Management Institute saw a surge in demand, driven largely by the superior curriculum and the global preference among employers for their certifications.

The best certifications for HR professionals aim to make the employer understand your demonstration of competence, abilities, knowledge and expertise in the HR function for which you are applying for the job. Remember that HR certifications in emerging economies like India are extremely specialized and deal with specific HR functions depending on the certification chosen.

Professionals with certifications in human resources are able to proceed much further in their careers and eventually get a lot higher in the corporate ladder than their non-certified peers. As several studies have shown, the most important things to keep in mind when selecting the Human Resources Certification programs that are certain to be valuable to your career and life include:

  1. Careful Selection of the end job prospects and the potential for growth that it will provide you. In some cases, staggering numbers of over 80% job satisfaction have been reported by HR professionals.
  2. Career Growth- Also important are the considerations of career growth that the best certifications for hr professionals can get you. You can ask – how often do these certified people get promoted? What is the increase in their earnings, YoY?
  3. Over 21% of increased HR jobs are projected in another three years as compared to today. With this, the number of HR professionals will also increase in the coming years, while some of the leading employers in the world will be looking for competent and professionals, and there is absolutely no doubt that the best of these will be the professionals who have professional certifications.
  4. Technology coverage of the curriculum is also a crucial factor that many of the professionals overlook- especially the ones pursuing HR certification programs without any prior work experience. A majority of HR functions today are automated function and have their own set of technology platforms or even service providers on the basis of which they operate.

In fact, HR technology and best practices are some of the most important facets that professionals need to keep in mind when planning for their HR certifications in today’s rapidly evolving corporate world.

This will not only help them to gain better insights and become a much sought after talent management professional, it will also ensure that they are thoroughly and completely updated with the cross border and multi-cultural workforce of today.

Getting the HR certification is just the beginning of the journey. There will be several milestones along the way for sure. The right certification will set the stage for a successful career path that will be satisfying and rewarding at the same time. With the Technological advancements in talent management incorporating all platforms of corporate engagement, one can achieve new heights with the right HR certification.

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