discount brokers India

Get A Start With Your Online Trading Portfolio With Great Ease And Comfort

Meaning of discount brokers- With the rapid increase in the usage of internet in India, maximum trading by the traders are done through online platforms.This has given birth to a new type of broker, which is known as a Discount broker. These discount brokers provide very competitive brokerage rates with variable and good customer services.

The discount broking is basically a concept where a broker charges relatively lower commissions as compared to market norms in order to attract the existing clients from the other firms in the same field. Since their rates are significantly lower than the others operating in the market, they usually resort to automated servicing which is mainly online. These brokers also typically do not charge any annual service fee or maintenance fees on their customer’s account. This is another benefit that is provided by them.

Know about the discount brokers advantages to the traders- This trend of discount broker is not that old as it started only in the year 2010. They offer no advice to their customers with a reduced commission than the other brokers. Based on their different returns there are many discount brokers India offering this reduced commission benefit to the customers. Performing sale and trade of shares and stocks through discount brokers provides a cheaper access to investments. On the other hand, the other benefits so entertained are-

  • Save a huge lot of money- Whenever working with a full-service brokerage the investor have to pay hefty amounts to them where some even charge a flat fee or a proportion equal to the trade profits and so on. Hence, with a discount broker, the investor can make huge profits and save whole lot of commissions.
  • Benefit of safety– Another advantage having discount brokers in hand means, that you could experience safety. Most of the times, if the brokerage can afford to have a reduced commission, it means that they are making up for it in the bulk. Usually, the most recommended discount brokers are very large companies. This ensures the traders, that theirinvestment is going to be safe as compared to a small brokerage company that is relatively unknown.
  • Offer best trading platform- The next benefit so entertained by working with discount brokers are that they offer a streamlined and best trading platform to make the trades of their own choices. Though they don’t offer any guidance and advice but help in making any transaction so quick and possible for its traders.

Thus, the discount brokers offer a quality, and efficient services that enables its customers to easily buy and sell their investments earning huge money. All discount brokers may vary on rates, fees, customer service and investment product selection, so one must choose them as per need and risk-taking ability. Investing in online trading has become more fast and efficient since the entry of discount brokers. One should make the best use of them and earn money staying at home.