Get Your Teeth Aligned With Right Kind Of Braces

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Those people are lucky who are born with a perfect set of pearly whites. Other people go through with various dental problems, surgeries, treatments due to dis-alignment in their teeth. As every problem as a solution, people need not hide their irregular teeth under their smile. Instead, they can choose braces to get a beautiful smile.
But, what are braces and how many types of braces are there to choose from in the market? Which ones are best for you? The answer to every question is given below:

What do you mean by braces?
Braces have been around for years and from then the material and design is changed and improved to treat your irregular teeth effectively. If we dig deeper, basically, they are the devices that are meant to align and straighten your teeth and give you an attractive and beautiful smile. The main idea behind them is to straighten your teeth and making them bite, chew or speak. After placing them, the wires produce a force on your teeth in a constant and controlled way to help grow them in right direction.
To improve your smile, adults and kids have various options of braces to choose from according to your needs and requirements:
Traditional/Metal Braces
Whenever you hear a word “braces”, the first picture that pops up in your head is of metal braces as they are one of the oldest braces in the industry. They are inexpensive and mostly they come in stainless steel version which gives stability to your teeth. Metal braces hold thin stainless steel wires which are heat-activated. The wires use body heat to put pressure on your teeth and help them move quickly.
Nowadays, metal braces have become less noticeable and smaller than those metal mouth braces in the past. In starting, they irritate your cheeks and gum a little. You have to keep a check as to what you eat or drink after they are placed. Sticky food items like, gum and caramel are off-limits for you.
Ceramic Braces
If you need braces which are not noticeable enough, then ceramic braces are ideal for you. They blend in with your teeth and no one is able to notice whether you have braces or not. There are two choices to choose from: clear elastic ties and white metal ties. It totally depends on you, which suits you better.
Braces won’t stain themselves but ties may get discolored due to the intake of food items and drinks that typically stain teeth, like coffee and soft drinks. If we talk about maintenance, ceramic braces are more easy to break or chip which means you need to take proper care after they are placed, even more than metal ones.
Lingual Braces
There is a kind of braces that are specially designed for people who do not want anyone to notice that they are having braces on and those are Lingual braces. They are customized to bond with your teeth and hide behind them to remain invisible. No ordinary orthodontist can install lingual braces as installing them is a pretty difficult task and most of the orthodontists don’t even know how to do them.
But, where you get advantages, there you also get some disadvantages. Firstly, they are expensive than metal as well as ceramic braces because of the difficulty level in process of placing them. Secondly, they create speech problems in small teeth and often comes in the way of the tongue.

So, here we are! These are the kinds of braces which are there to help you out in aligning your teeth and make your smile look beautiful and attractive like never before. Before planning to get them installed, visit Best Dentist In Chandigarh and get your dental checkup done.

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