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India Bangladesh ICC World T20 : Match Review

What a magnificent match it was. India’s win over Bangladesh cricket team that too just by 1 run was mind blowing. Thousands of fans witnessed the unforgettable match, which took place at M Chinnaswamy stadium at Bengaluru on Wednesday evening. Although it was supposed be an easy win but still the tigers gave a good competition to Dhoni and his team before this tough win.

Bangladesh preferred to chase than to give target to team India hence after winning the toss, the team choose to bowl and let team India bat first. It was due to effort of captain Dhoni and Jadeja that India managed to give a tough target to Bangladesh. The team needed 147 run to win from 120 balls, not a big score but Indian pitchers makes it difficult for the Bangladesh batsman to during the innings.

All the bowlers be it Aswin, Nehra or Bumrah bowled really well during the second innings and with the collective effort of captain MS Dhoni as skipper helped India achieve such a big win. Although their was many situations like when Bumrah and Nehra dropped the catch of Tamim two times it was then it seemed that Bangladesh will win the match much earlier than expected. But yes off course, Indian skipper took all these foul situations in his hand and coordinate team towards a great victory.

The match was supposed be a crucial match for team India. As since India needed to increase thier net run rate (NRR) and this match was a good chance for them to do so. Although they were not able to keep their run rates high but still winning is all that matters. During the last few overs of the match, both the teams was struggling very hard to defeat each other. Bangladesh was on the verge of defeating India but during the 19th over it was due to Jasprit Bumrah and his bowling spirit that completely changed the outcome of the match.

This young player who knew that delivering a yorker won’t work in situation like such. With just two runs needed from three balls captain Dhoni guided Bumrah and he tried a different angle resulting in fall of three wickets in last three balls thus defeating Bangladesh by just 1 run. The match was witnessed with same excitement as it was an India-Pakistan match. The experts believe that the match will surely be remembered for a long period of time. The excellent leadership qualities of the captain and the marvellous execution power of his teammates made it such an exciting match in this year World T20 series.

Although Bangladesh have lost last three-four encounter with team India in T20 matches but still they have emerged quite an amazing team capable of offering a good competition to any cricket team. Seeing the last performance of Bangladesh team in the last match, it is believed that it would be foolishness to take Bangladesh lightly in future events.