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Mobile App Development & Testing Checklist

Mobile application development and testing is the rage nowadays. With the rapid surge of smart devices and tech revolution, it has grown radical allowing developers and test teams to put their expertise at best.

Mobile apps development in Dubai, as well as testing, seems to have gained momentum due to theoutgrowth of digital marketing and IT companies. Have a look at the checklist below that clearly defines thescope of work pertinent to the industry.

Mobile platform
iOS and Android are the two most competent and preferred platforms for app development. While there’re users of Windows and Blackberry, both are less considerable than latter whereas Symbian phones are almost obsolete.

So before you begin with app development, better get acquainted with user market and supported platforms as it’ll help in taking crucial decisions regarding the architecture/design.

This would also provide inputs on whether to develop a completely native application or as per renowned platforms namely Android, iOS,Blackberry, Windows and Symbian.

Targeted version for Android & iOS
Does the application exploit any particular features found in a specific OS version? If yes, this has to be included in the marketing material and tested on that very OS. It’s good to install the app on supported version so as testing and deployment must be done in the right way instead of obsolete editions. And it’ll spare the negative opinions which, in the long term, pitch back the ratings of the app.

Device hardware requirements
What if there’re specific hardware requirements such as memory space, camera, CPU and more! As installation is preferred on the supported devices with just the right hardware and software requisites, better check the memory (RAM), camera features and possible upgrades!

Screen resolution
If the application appears crisp, sharp and perfect on the targeted screen resolution, it’ll eventually rank higher. Smartphones and tablets come in all shapes and sizes of which details are widely available on the World Wide Web. For clarity, some common screen resolutions are listed below;

  • 320 x 480
  • 640 x 960
  • 480 x 800
  • 720 x 1280
  • 1200 x 1920
  • 2048 x 1536

Do you need another app for tablet PCs?
High-qualitygraphics, especially for large devices, are preferred especially if your line is gaming and app testing. Some developers even release a separate HD version of hardware as well as software so that testing and thepre-implementation process can be dealt with in a flawless manner.

Portrait or Landscape orientation
Games, either work in landscape or portrait mode,however, only a few are there that cope with both platforms. Make sure you test the applications for possible bugs and, crashes or UI issues to proceed in the right direction.

Hardware keys
Exterior camera application through a dedicated camera button, media player volume and hotkeys, task/event managing apps, snoozes, reminder and so on. All such functions and shortcuts are usually managed through physical buttons also known as hardware keys.

Apps that exploit accelerometer require testing to ensure all the readings are recorded and utilised accurately. For instance, test per relevant applications such as Pedometers, Games, 3D Visualisation, Jump trackers and more are finest examples.

GPS & other functions
The response of navigating apps when GPS is abruptly turned off or disabled as well as other sensory applications such as temperature measurement are properly tested on their relevant devices and operating systems.

Network connectivity
Most applications today are Wi-Fi enabled for optimum network connectivity so it’s important to test them all if they’re actually functional with wireless internet. Network speed in anormal situation or hardware/software adaptation time when switching from one network to another is also tested. There’re many mobile-specificapplicationsdeveloped to boost network connections that are really good.

When engaged with mobile apps development in Dubai or any other regions, make sure you gauge all associated factors as listed above.