Online Pharma Retail: A Promising Future

Medicine History and Evolution:

Evolution, culture, believes are the among the many other facets of life that have shaped and grown along with the phase of medicinal value in a richly diverse country like India. The so-called “Art of Healing” has stayed with us over thousands of years with the aboriginal man using it as an aid to give relief to his close ones. We as living species have moved miles ahead from seeing diseases as a trick of evil to the intelligence behind recognizing the attributes behind one.

Hindu Civilization has been a rich abode to the medicinal value with its origins in Ayurveda,” The Science of Life”. This knowledge repository traces back to the Vedic times about 5000BC.With the advent of the Britishers in the 18th century, Ayurveda saw integration with the Western system of medicine. There on medicine field has progressed from elementary compounders to well established medical colleges assisting in advanced knowledge for all genders alike.

Business Proposition of Medicine Industry:

The later idea that institutionalized the very crux of medicinal purpose was to make it available for the average person for daily purpose and diseases that could be abated at home. With the medical services system that grew from Bengal, today there are generic medical stores in every corner of a given district. Pharma retail with its spanning branches measures around 79,000 Crore making India garner a place in the top 6 for the tag of pharmaceutical producers. However, this advancement has not stopped there and like how every system has considered multi-channel attribution, medical field is not behind in the same. With online medicine shop in India makes its presence felt for an easy buy even in remote areas makes it the next phase for Medicine History. Advancement of e-commerce avenue in India is one of the significant reasons for the opening of the unchartered road for Pharma retail to take up the online space.

E-Commerce Space for growing Pharma Retail:

The practice saw its first instance in the US in the late 1980s with the setup of which followed the launch of similar attempts in the UK. Since computer literacy is an essential to take advantage of such services, the Indian government is estimating a project worth 500 crores for 50 Lakh people over a period of 3 years for the same. Currently, although in its nascent stage, it has the potential to become a large industry segment. The expected contribution of online medium towards pharma sales in India is around 5%-15%. It also fulfils the concept of “marketplace” for small retailers. Now, their business is no more constrained by the carpet area of their shops.

With such growth and coverage, some of the best online medicine stores in India have services such as:

  • Online-Pharmacy to aid you in medicines and supplements
  • They offer doctor on demand. Their specialization ranges across all the clinical doctor requirements
  • They even offer consultation through online video mode for expert medical advice sitting at home

With deals and referral points attached to the purchasing history of a customer, online pharma retail is touching customers and their needs in the ideal price and offerings.

They also provide for app system for instant access through smartphones. Through such connected technology and interlinked demands, online pharma retail is here to stay and grow with the nation and their needs.

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