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Sunny Leone Is Going Sing The National Anthem In the Pro Kabaddi League Caravan

The famous porn queen Sunny Leone had already started a different career with acting in Bollywood a few years back. Now a new feather of singing is also going to be added on her crown in a much different event. Singing is a simple matter for the Bollywood heroines as many of them has already […]

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Latest Embellished Lehenga Blouse Designs

Lehenga blouse designs have an ample variety in patterns & styles which are trending in the market. Embellishments come in a different variety ranging from chic Swarovski to traditional zardozi work. Cholis have undergone an immense transformation in the recent years. Sequin Sequin is a huge trend to follow this season. You can opt for […]

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Pakistan Denies To Take Responsibility For The Terrorist Attack In Dhaka

Pakistan has clearly denied the connection of Islamabad or ISI with the terrorist attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Primarily the U.S embassy in Dhaka claimed that they have some video evidence to prove the ISI connection with Terrorist attack at “Gulshan café” in Dhaka. On reply to this acclamation, Pakistan has stated that they don’t have […]


“Great Grand Masti” refurbishes the old famous song “Resham Ka Rumal”

The old famous song “Resham Ka Rumal” is going to be recreated in the comedy movie “Great Grand Masti”. In 2004 “Masti” was released as a comedy movie in which three married man featuring Reteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoy & Aftab Shibdashani were trapped by a beautiful lady Lara Dutta in search of extra marital affair. […]

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Defend The Tables In A Inexpensive And Customize Manner

Some tables are really expensive and are antique. They are so precious and valuable that users want to make them protect for a long period of time and for this purpose glass table tops are used. The glass that is used for the protective layer of the table is available in a versatile style that […]


Salman Khan Denies To Ask Apology For The Rape Victim Comment

  Though Salman Khan is the organizer of the garment brand “Being Human”, he denies showing “humanity” for his rape comment. The predicament continues to follow him while he got a call from the National Commission for Women (NCW) on 7th July. The controversy started when he said he felt exhausted like a “raped woman” […]

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Brexit: the Most Exciting Affair Going to Happen Soon

US President Obama revealed that due to recent UK vote, there would be extreme challenges and this gives rise to a long-term concern in the global growth and economy. He even said that Brexit would be responsible to freeze the possibilities for investment in Great Britain or may be it would be risky for entire […]


Respiratory Protection – 5 Tips to Keep your Employees Safe & Healthy

When it comes to ensuring workplace safety at construction sites, employers are always up on their toes focusing on fall protection, feet protection, hand protection and head protection. Even though these are important to ensure the safety of employees, these are not the only factors that need to taken into consideration. What is often overlooked […]

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Environmental Awareness Training Will Motivate Staff And Customers

Caring for the environment is no longer just the concern of the few, but the responsibility of us all. Once dismissed as the work of ‘greenies’ or radical groups, environmental management should now be considered an integral part of everything we do. And that means all businesses should be focussing on working cleaner and greener. […]

Football Sports

Chile Becomes the Winner of Copa Finals Once Again

Chile wins the Copa finals defeating Argentina and this comes out as the big breaking news today. Lionel Messi misses the penalty shots that came out as the most tragic incident for team Argentina. The game went on without any goals and after 120 minutes it was finally decided Chile as the winning team. They […]