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Fears Break Out in Japan Due to Friday’s Upsetting Earthquake

Japan is again facing a high time due to a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 that hit Japan at 01:25 that’s 15:25 GMT (Friday). The centerpoint is at a depth of 10 Km (6 miles) in Kumamoto, which already faced an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on Thursday. Approximately 2,000 people got injured who […]

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IPL Matches Shift Due to Maharashtra Drought

Maharashtra is facing severe drought due to which High Court orders to shift all IPL matches outside Mumbai after 30th April. So, it’s now high time for Bangalore where the final IPL match is expected to be held. Kolkata is also on the queue where the Eliminator and the Second Qualifier would be held but […]

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One More Special Win Of Rohit Sharma At Eden To Cherish In The History Of IPL

Mumbai Indians captain ought to have taken the playground to fire with the purpose of trailing a target of 188 runs on the sly Eden Garden Stadium. The very familiarity of Rohit Sharma with this ground is not an unknown reality and besides, on Wednesday the chic and stylish opener of KKR contributed another brilliant […]

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Another Devastating Hits Myanmar And Some Parts Of North And North-Eastern India

An enormous earthquake hits today at Myanmar and some parts of India including Patna, Delhi, Jharkhand, Assam and different parts of West Bengal. The measurement of the magnitude of the earthquake according to the Richter Scale is said to be 7.0 but few sources reported it to be 6.8. The extent of the damages caused […]

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Harsha Bhogle Taken Off Air For IPL 2016

This year everyone’s favourite Harsha Bhogle will not be seen inside the commentary box in Indian Premier League 2016. The world famous Indian commentator who is in association with Indian Cricket for around three long decades is banned from IPL 2016 season. The termination of his contract was announced a week earlier after the completion […]

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Mumbai Indian Sets To Win The IPL 2016 Title For The Third Time

This year in Indian Premier League 2016, Mumbai Indians are well determined to win the title once again for the third time. After an effortless win against Rising Pune Supergaints, at Wankhede Stadium, the players are quite enthusiast about keeping the title to themselves. The opening match of IPL 2016, T20 tournament was no doubt […]

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IPL Opening Ceremony Ends: Time to Start the Main Fight

The opening ceremony of Indian Premier League took place in Mumbai and the stage was set on fire with a full package of entertainment. Major Lazor, the group from Los Angeles came out with their most popular tune Lean on that made the entire audience speechless. Actors Ranveer, Katrina, Jacqueline and Bravo also carried out […]

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Home Loans Become Cheaper With SBI And ICICI

Two leading financial organizations ICICI and SBI come up with lucrative discounts on home loan rates where the interest gets reduced to 0.10% to 9.4%. The new interest rate calculation has been done according to RBI guidelines and thus you can trust on them while getting your home loan with minimum interest rate. Depending on […]

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World’s Largest Alligator Hunted by Lightsey

A great incident that comes out viral today is the hunter who revealed that he shot an alligator weighing 800lb that’s 360Kgs. The fact is really unbelievable but this is the truth as divulged by BBC news. Lee Lightsey, a professional hunter with ample skills reveals that the 15ft that’s 4.5 m beast is the […]

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11 Million Documents Have Been Leaked By Mossack Fonseca

Panama papers come in the headlines these days. According to sources, a huge set of confidential documents have been leaked by Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca, which is known as one of the world’s best secretive companies. They passed all the information to German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung. Alongside, the Panama papers also showed that how Mossack […]