Party in Style with Private Jet Charter: Epic Ways to Celebrate
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Party in Style with Private Jet Charter: Epic Ways to Celebrate

With Christmas and New Year ahead, most people are planning how they will celebrate them in the most memorable way ever. What can be a better way to celebrate than to visit an amazing travel destination with your gang or with your family? If you want to welcome the New Year or want to party on Christmas in style, flying to new cities or countries on a private jet charter is a great way.

Or even better celebrate the moment of entering into a New Year many times by flying into different time zones on a private airplane. Here are some places you can head to if you like to live your life to the fullest on a private flight with friends or family.

Indian Getaways

In case you are looking to party through the night and dance your way to New Year, four metropolitan cities of India offer some great ways to satisfy your partying spirit. Apart from four metropolitan cities, here are places you can explore on an executive jet charter.

Goa – The Indian Las Vegas

Goa – The Indian Las Vegas

If you want to lose yourself in the music of a vibrant destination, Goa should be on the top of your list. Luxurious resorts, happening parties, stunning beaches and delicious seafood offerings attracts party lovers from all over the world to celebrate around New Years.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Love is in the Air

Andaman and Nicobar Islands – Love is in the Air

Couples who are in love and are looking for a beautiful place to spend the Christmas and New Year week together, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is the answer to their search. The archipelago situated in the Bay of Bengal is magnificent work of art by Mother Nature. The peaceful, serene and calm atmosphere of the day completely transforms as the night advances with yacht, beach, and resort parties. While you can unwind yourself on pristine beaches covered with white sand and panoramic view, you raise your vibes in the festive ambience.

Himalayan Getaway – Unfold Your Inner Self

Himalayan regions have many gems like Himanchal Pradesh that showcase both panoramic of nature and cascading mountains. Places situated in the Himalayan region offer a perfect setting to bond with your loved ones or with yourself. If you want to explore the natural beauty of this region, private jets or helicopter charter are best ways to do so. These airplanes offer a combination of safety and comfort.

International Destinations

Las Vegas

Set on a fun filled journey to enjoy your Christmas and New Year vacation week in the chicest ways possible by taking a private plane to Las Vegas. Arrive in the city of vivacious night life and parties without any hitches with a private fight and start exploring the entertainment capital of the world.

New York and Los Angeles

These two destinations not only give the right amount of energy to the party animal inside you but also ensure that you will remember your holiday weekend for years to come.  Most travellers like to come to New York and then move to LA or vice versa to keep up with the party vibes. Flying by a private charter, you will be in party mode due to your comfortable journey.


Do you love beaches and fun? Which another place to visit if you wish to bid goodbye to the previous year in style than Miami? Miami has a vibrant vibe that appeals to party lovers across the globe. From stunning beaches to bustling nightlife, Miami offers everything that suits the need of a traveller.


In case you will like to gather with over 2, 00,000 people when the clock strikes 12 on 31st December this year, book your private jet tickets and head to London.  Enjoying awesome fireworks near the banks of River Thames with Big Ben in the backdrop will become one of the most cherished fragments of your memories.


Want to enjoy the most strikingly beautiful firework displays in the world? You must take a private flight to Sydney, Australia for celebrating pledge your New Year resolution under magnificent firework presentations. The increasing number of viewers every year is a proof of the attractiveness of the view.

These are some of the few places suggested by Foresee Aviation. But to be honest, the options are so many when you choose to take a private flight to a destination that it is tough to fit them into one single blog. We will come up with other suggestions to help you plan your Christmas-New Year week in the best way possible in our coming blogposts.