Salman Khan Proves Himself The “Sultan” of Bollywood

The Success Saga Of Salman ‘Sultan’ Khan:

From the launching of the trailer “Sultan”, the film and the story seemed interesting but after the release of the movie, it has really stunned the audiences with its universal message and appeal. Salman khan in the role of Sultan once again has mesmerized the audience and shut the mouth of those people who considered him as the old horse. The old horse is successful in proving himself a still winner in the race. The box office record is the witness of this claim because the profit amount of Sultan after the three days of release is 105.34 Crores. This is the 10th film of Salman to cross the profit amount 100 Crores. The record says that first day, second day and third day profit amounts were respectively 36.54 Crores, 37.30 Crores, 31.50 Crores. Having released in Wednesday, the movie has done a huge amount of business in the festive weekend. The production house has stated that the success of the movie was quite expected because the amount of the efforts are invested from the part of the actors really deserves this success. His recent movie “Sultan’ got tremendous success in box office and is one of the highest hits in recent times.

The Effects Of Unavoidable Salman Magic:

In the recent history Salman Khan’s “Bajrangi Bhaijan”, Amir Khan’s “Dhoom: 3” and Shahrukh Khan’s “Happy New Year” has also made the record of making 100 Crores of profit in the box office. But only Salman has proved himself the one to break the record of him. The proverb is already set in the Bollywood that only Salman Khan breaks the record of Salman Khan. In his previous movie “ Bajrangi Bhaijan” also he mesmerized the whole nation including the neibouring countries with his “Sallu Bhai Magic”. The magic continues to enchant his fans and even those who are not the fans of Salman Khan. Salman Khan is the first person to have record of 10 movies to cross the profit amount 100 Crores where Shahrukh Khan has the list of 6 movies in his pocket. The success of the movie has boosted Bollywood with another energetic film to present the spirit of life. A few days earlier Salman was targeted of commenting on a controversial matter of the devastation of the “raped women”. This comment temporarily hampered him image but the release of the movie and its success has pushed aside all these complication, the whole country is now mesmerized with the “Salman Magic”, which enchants the audiences irrespective of age or maturity.