Textile Designing Craft and NID Studio Test for Design Students

NID Studio Test

One of the lucrative careers in India is in design and fashion technology. The top course is offered by NIFT and NID. In fact, National Institute of Design (NID) is the design school in India that figures in Top 50 Design Schools in the World. To launch a successful career as a designer, you must undergo a course from NID. The number of sets is limited to 100 for the Bachelor B. Des programme and 275 seats for the M. Des. course.

Different faculty and campuses

You have many faculty streams such as Product Design, Industrial Design, Transportation and Automobile Design, and Graphic Design among many others to choose. The design disciplines number 20, while the number of campuses is three. These are at Bangalore (R&D Campus), Gandhinagar (PG Campus), and Ahmedabad (Main campus).

NId Studio Test

Take coaching classes for Studio Test

The NID Studio test is conducted during the second stage of the entrance examination. Students who pass in the written exams will be called to take the Studio test. Students who wish to enter the college must prepare well to succeed. The NID studio test coaching classes in Delhi is conducted by several coaching centres in Delhi. Students have already joined here to prepare thoroughly for the final examination.

The Studio Test is the second phase of the testing process. Here you must go through the Doodling, 3D modelling, and Observation test. After the Studio test, those who pass will have to attend the Personal Interview. After this, they have the Portfolio Presentation.

Get in touch with your creativity

If you wish to nurture your artistic spirit and nature, you must take part in Textile design classes and workshops. Join in the one-day or two-day workshops and learn new things. This will make an attractive addition to your portfolio. If you do something different, this will give you prominence in a competitive field. Here are some popular certification courses that you should consider while waiting to join your NID design course.

  1. Pattern making and garment construction: Students learn to crate different styles by learning the basics of pattern making. They get training to interpret specification sheets, and working drawings through which they produce a range of styles.
  2. Fashion draping: Students find out the basics of two- and three-dimensional pattern cutting needed for garment production.
  3. Fashion Merchandising: Here you learn to interpret and forecast trends and make suitable adjustments to the designs. You learn to mix colours in the manner of the current market demand through evaluation and arbitrary checking.
  4. Print Design and Development: You learn the intricacies of print technology. Through innovation, the designs approach the perfection in style and colour matching.
  5. Textile design: The student is taught the technical details including the properties and processes in the design of textiles.
  6. Computer aided textile design: Here the student learns to use the Fashion CAD software for designing textiles. These include Corel Draw and Photoshop, among others.

Learning new skills will augment your chances of selection. If you join a good coaching class, you will improve your chances of getting through in the NID entrance examination. This will assure of a top design posting in India.

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