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This summer, beat the heat- creatively!

Summer sounds fun in winters when all we need is a little ray of hope (read sunshine) in the cold weather. But when the summers finally arrive, how much we miss the cold winter morning, basically anything that saves us from the scorching heat.

If you are already sweating profusely, then just imagine how you will deal with the harsh sun rays during the months of June-July?

Here are some super cool do it yourself water ideas to beat the heat and stay cool this summer. Try on these easy and colourful ideas yourself or with your kids and have a blast.

1.DIY outdoor shower:

What You need:

  • A water bottle
  • Any sharp device to make holes with (and parental guidance).


Make several holes in an empty water bottle, put a pipe in the bottle’s nozzle and let the fun began.

This is a fun one minute DIY to enjoy outdoor showers and sprinkling and costs NOTHING!

2. DIY water marble painting

What you need:

  • Water colors
  • Dropper
  • A big dish
  • Water
  • White marble stones


Put water in the big dish and one by one, put water colors in the water using a dropper. Use multiple colors and let the ripples form in the water. Then put the white marble in the dish.

You will notice beautiful colourful patterns being form on the marble. Let it dry.

3. DIY rose water

  • What you need:
  • Distilled water
  • Fresh roses
  • A big pot


Fill the pot with distilled water, put the fresh rose petals in it. Start heating the pot till the time the petals lose their color. Drain the liquid into the jar and voila! Your very own rose water. It is a great idea to gift to your girlfriend, mom, sister.

4. DIY bath bombs

What you need:

  • 1 cup baking soda
  • ½ cup Citric Acid
  • ½ cup corn-starch
  • ¼ cup Dry Milk
  • 3 tablespoons Epsom salt
  • dried rose petals
  • 1 teaspoon water
  • 3-4 teaspoons Almond Oil
  • 15-20 drops Rose oil


Make two mixtures- consisting of wet and dry mixtures, respectively. Mix them both into a bowl and put the mixtures in a moulding tray.

5. DIY glow in the dark bowling

What you need:

  • Glow stick
  • Plastic bottles
  • Water


Fill the bottles with water and put one glow stick in each of the bottle. Switch off the lights and have the best night stay with your friends with this fun bowling game idea.

6. DIY galaxy in on my table

What you need:

  • Cotton
  • Water
  • Glitter
  • Food coloring (light blue, pink, purple)
  • Mason jar


Take a Mason jar, put cotton, one color of food coloring and some glitter. Put cotton on top of it and repeat all the steps till the cotton is touching the jar’s opening.There, you have your very own galaxy in a jar!

7. DIY fruity ice cubes

What you need:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Water
  • Ice tray


Cut the fruits and fill the ice tray with water and fruits and freeze. Yup, that’s it!

Use these cubes and serve with sodas and other relevant cold drinks.

As the summer heat gets unbearable, one needs to drink plenty of water in order to stay hydrated. Dehydration causes a lot of ailment and in order to prevent it, a person should drink at least 3.7 litres of water on a daily basis. Ensuring that a reliable and functional water purifier such as the Nasaka Water Purifier with the advanced OrpH+ technology is a definite way to avoid many dehydration and water related ailments.



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