Top 5 Fuel Efficient Bikes Launched by Hero MotoCorp So Far


India is a country where the mileage provided by the motor vehicle is gives more importance than the actual features or even the look of it. The better the fuel efficiency of the engine of the vehicle, the better it is. Plus if you are providing that vehicle for a cheap price, and then you can almost guarantee success for that vehicle’s sales in the market. This is a formula which has been wonderfully explored by various companies to its full potential in the Indian market. The company which has utilized formula in the best way and has successfully provided great fuel efficient bikes time and again is obviously Hero.

Best Fuel Efficient Bikes by Hero

Hero has become the first choice brand amongst consumers and buyers for the cheap bikes that they have brought into the market. So let us now take a closer look at the 5 most fuel efficient bikes launched by Hero MotoCorp so far.

Hero Splendor Pro

One of the most popular models of the Hero Splendor reviews, this bike comes at an ex-showroom price of around 50,000 INR. With a fuel tank capacity of 11 liters and an expected mileage of around 90kmpl, this is the most loved bike in the Indian market. Just get your tank full and forget about the fuel worries for some days. It also has a self start and a top speed of 81 miles an hour, making it a perfect Indian fuel efficient bike.

Hero Passion Pro

This is another mid range bike from Hero which comes in the 50,000 INR price segment. This bike has an even bigger fuel tank than Hero Splendor, which is 12 liters in capacity. Though its top speed is a bit more than Hero Splendor at 87 miles an hour, but its mileage is a bit less at 84kmpl. But even that is an astonishing number and you will not need to refill your bike for days, such is its efficiency.

Hero Splendor iSmart

The Hero Splendor iSmart came as an upgraded version of the previous model. With an ex-showroom price of around INR 50,000, this motorbike comes with a revolutionary i3s engine with 97.2cc of power and provides a whopping mileage of around 102kmpl, much to the liking of previous Hero Splendor lovers.

Hero HF Deluxe

This is a great performance bike for those who want cheaper yet efficient bikes. This bike comes at a price range of around 39,000 to 48,000 INR. It has a fuel tank capacity of 9.5 liters and is claimed by the company to give a mileage of 83kmpl. It has self start and a 97.2 cc engine which ensures smooth worry free rides to cover larger distances, a perfect for a common Indian man.

Hero HF Dawn

This is one of the cheapest bikes by Hero which is available at an ex-showroom price of 37,500 approximately. This bike is a great option for a common Indian man due it’s extremely fuel efficient 97.2cc engine which gives a mileage of 82kmpl. It has a fuel capacity of 10.5litres and is a great companion in covering long distances.

The Last Words

So we have seen how Hero MotoCorp has consistently provided the eager Indian consumers with some of the best fuel efficient bikes over the years. It started with the Hero Splendor and many more came after that as well. These bikes ensured that the common Indian man could travel more and cover huge distances without much effect on his pocket and we will always be thankful to Hero MotoCorp for that.

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