Top 8 places that are a must visit in Bhopal

Top places that are a must visit in Bhopal

Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is famous as tourist destination for many significant reasons. The abundant natural beauty with the greenery and the lakes, creates a perfect synchronization of natural and urban in this city. Tourists from all over the world come to visit this city because of various historically important monuments and its rich cultural heritage.


If you are planning a trip to this lovely city, make sure you have booked your hotel right. If you are traveling by train, you can look for hotels near Bhopal station for your convenience. Once you are done with the formalities. Here are top 8 places of Bhopal you must visit on your Bhopal trip. Keep reading.

  • Upper Lake: The Upper Lake of Bhopal is the largest manmade lake of the state. This lake was built by the former ruler of Bhopal, Raja Bhoj in the 11th It is also known as the Bada Talaab. The abundant natural beauty of this lake which is hemmed by the beautiful Kamla Gardens will make you fall for this city time and again.
  • Lower Lake: The Lower Lake is located just beside the Upper Lake. Both the Lakes are conjoined with an over bridge. Check out the water sports that are available on Lower Lake. And don’t miss the sunset from the Lower Lake!
  • Birla Temple: The Birla Temple is one of the most famous temples of Bhopal which is known for its architectural marvels. The temple houses Goddess Laxmi and her divine consort, Vishnu. Do visit this place to get a glimpse of local life of this city.
  • Bhimbetka: The famous rock paintings of Bhimbetka will guarantee you a time travel as the rock paintings that are found in these caves date back to 15000 years ago. This place is located nearly 45km away from Bhopal, but it’s a must visit for you.
  • Taj-Ul-Masjid: The original name of this mosque is Taj-Ul-Masjid which means crown amongst the mosques. Considered as one of the biggest mosques of Asia, this mosque has its own historical significance and grandeur. Do visit this place.
  • Van Vihar National Park: In order to experience the vibrant greenery in the city, go to Van Vihar National Park. This place is home to more than 200 types of birds and some rare wild animals. Considered as photographer’s paradise, this place will sooth your mind.
  • Bhojpur Temple: An incomplete temple, but still it will mesmerize you with the world’s tallest Shiva Lingam which is worshipped here. The charm of this place will make you love Bhojpur Temple.
  • Raisen Fort:This fort is situated 45km away from Bhopal city. This fort was built in the 6th century and has witnessed many a historical turbulence till this time. Check out the lakes and gardens inside the fort. And don’t miss the sunset from this fort.

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