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Useful Tips to Manage Your Maid

You might have heard stories about how housemaids did harm than good to the household chores. Many maids have even been known for stealing things, abusing children and even indulged in an affair with a man in the house. Perhaps these are the reasons as to why it’s essential to hire the housemaids from the professional Dubai cleaning companies. Besides, it’s highly essential to make sure that your maid can form a cordial relationship. In order to finally have and manage a maid whom you can actually count on, there are few useful tips that can help. So let’s dig in.

Let her know your House Rules & Expectations

Clear, honest and polite communication is key to maintain a good relationship. It’s essential to explain clearly and exactly what you expect her to accomplish. Either you want them to look after your baby or not, just mention it while explaining everything. In order to make sure that she doesn’t forget what your explained, you can go an extra mile and write it all down for her.

House rules should be thoroughly communicated in case you don’t prefer the TVs to be used after 10 Pm or so. Even the Reputable Dubai cleaning companies emphasize you to explain all your expectations as it will help avoid any misunderstanding and miscommunication in future.

Respect Comes First

Even though you are paying her for the services doesn’t allow you to treat her with disrespect. Look! It has nothing to do with the professional and contractual stuff. Instead, treating someone with respect is totally humanly thing. So just make sure to give respect to your maid unless you are hiring some robot for your household chores. Precisely, avoid using louder tones and abusive language with your maid. Give her some time to rest and sleep. Don’t overwork her and be nice with them.

Remember! Appreciated employees give their best. Simple daily greetings and asking your maid to eat with family works even better than appreciating them directly.

Train Her as Per Your House Needs

Obviously, she would be more than trained if you are hiring her through Dubai cleaning companies. Conversely, every house has sort of different cleaning requirements either in terms of location, space and the owner preferences. The housemaid you hired would be pretty good with her cleaning stuff but also do let her know what flow things should be done in. For instance; inform her if you want the bedrooms cleaned first and then kitchen. This way, she will be able to keep up with the perfect cleaning just the way you want.

Constructive Feedback

Give your comments but in a ways that doesn’t make her feel demotivated but otherwise. In case you are disappointed and the expectations aren’t being accomplished, try to tell her in a constructive manner that doesn’t demoralize her at least. If you are happy with her work then just make sure to appreciate her as it will help her grow constantly.


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