What Are Renewable Energies And Its Type?

What Are Renewable Energies And Its Type?

Renewable energy is a one of the great sources of clean energy and increasingly popular in the world last few years. This energy not generate by fossil fuels and natural gases.  Renewable energy is generated by the sun, air and water and help to reduce the global carbon emission from the environment. This energy is making cost is low and help to reduce the pollution. Renewable energy is a single time investment and generates electricity for next 15 to 20 years. It will also help to protect our limited resources of fossil fuel.

Type of Renewable Energy

  1. Wind Energy

The wind energy is a clean, free and renewable energy source from the environment. Wind turbines capture the wind power and convert it into electricity. These turbines are increasing popular in many counties to generate the electricity.  America and China are the largest fast growing market for wind energy day by day. The installation cost of 10W wind turbine approximately $50,000 and enjoy the renewable energy for next 25+ years.

  1. Solar Energy

Solar energy is another clean energy that’s generated from sun rays. Sun is a powerful source of renewable energy. Solar cell is a device that’s convert the light energy into electric energy. This device made by silicon alloys and other materials. These devices can install in home roof, office roof and empty place. Home owner can also generate income to sell their extra renewable energy in the market.

  1. Geothermal

Geothermal energy is another form of alternative energy. In this case, heat energy is converted into electric energy. It is also a green source of electric energy and doesn’t emit greenhouse gases. There are three types of geothermal plants.

  • Binary cycle power plants
  • Dry steam power plants
  • Flash steam power plants

This energy depends on the nature and need to spend time to find the natural source of the energy. The installation cost of geothermal plant is high as compared to other natural sources.

  1. Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the simplest and most abundant element on the earth. Hydrogen is available in the form of natural gases and water on the earth. Hydrogen is high in energy and produced little or no pollution when it will burn. This energy is also recycled by the nature. Hydrogen is used by the many industries to refine petroleum, treat metal and process food. In addition hydrogen used their atoms energy to produce electricity. Many Automobile companies focus on hydrogen powered vehicles in United States.

All renewable energies are depends on the nature like wind, water, sunlight and other natural gases. These Natural sources are limited or installation cost is high as compared to another source but these sources are beneficial for us next thousands of years. These source are help to overcome the carbon emission on the earth and make environment clean.

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