Tips To Handle Your Emotions After Break Up

Every relationship comes to an end sooner or later. No relationship is really for keeps. Permanence is an illusion and the sooner one realizes the better it is to handle all those messy emotions that threaten to unsettle our lives after a breakup. Some breakups are cruel and make us question the uselessness of everything while some end on a mutual note. But no matter how a relationship ends, the period after the persons have parted and everything has gone to ruins, the emotional havoc one goes through is a nightmare.

The morning after the breakup is the worst. One gets up and enters into a sudden void, and there is this feeling of a deep abyss of nothingness. But this isn’t the end of the world. There is still a lot of life left to be lived. So do not let yourself sink to the depths but try to come out for all the other things and all the other persons still there in your life. Moreover do it for yourself. The departure of a single person from your life does not mean that your life is not worth anything, that you are not important.

Getting over rejection with hope

The first step to self recovery is getting over the feeling of dejection and worthlessness. Turn away those dark suicidal thoughts. You cannot end your life merely because this did not work out. There are many such breakups to be endured to finally find the silver lining. But remember that after the end of every tunnel is light. Having hope is very important.  Hope that you will not give up.

Do the things you like

How long has it been that you have pushed all the things you liked doing to spend more time with that special person. Now it is time again to take up all those relegated hobbies and finish all your pending work. Read books which make you feel good.


Go out

The best tip is to travel to new places alone. Go and explore new places in your city or go to a completely new city and see it for yourself. Meet new people, try new cuisines.

Bond with your family

Nothing can prove more helpful than bonding with your family. Share your pain and see the emotional distress leaving you gradually. As you share you are opening yourself up and allowing all the negative energy to leave you and creating space for all the good energy to emanate your being.

Finally do not engage in bitching about the person or cursing him or talking his profile over social networking sites. This is only going to cause you more pain. Rather see all your photos for the last time and keep the ones you want in a separate folder and just delete the rest. Remember the happy times you shared and be content with that. Move on to better things.

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