You deserve to enjoy your own wedding

Weddings can be stressful for everyone involved in it; the bride, the groom, their friends and their family. The stress doesn’t let the bride and the groom to enjoy their own wedding and apart from them people do enjoy. However, the couple has the most right to enjoy their own wedding which they are not able to do amidst all the chaos and hectic preparations of the rituals in a marriage ceremony. Your D-day won’t come always so it is necessary that you enjoy the day with utmost pleasure and happiness and take a look at this guide because this will help you to have fun without getting stressed anymore.

  • The first advice we can give you is that stay hydrated always throughout the day even if you have kept fasting because dehydration can really be harmful to you. Amidst all the tensions and problems that you might face, you will need to keep your body well by staying hydrated and by staying strong. So, before one month of the wedding start eating healthy and eat well. This will let you shed those extra kilos whereas without any spa or salon treatment your skin will start glowing as well.
  • Avoid junk foods at any cost especially if you are not keeping any fast on your wedding day. Eat light and try to eat fruits and simple dishes like soups, salads with some little carbohydrates on your wedding day.
  • Now, as you have find your perfect mate from Sikh Matrimony, do have some fun with him/her on your wedding s well by talking to each other often if possible or texting each other whenever possible. These small moments of intimacy will stay with you forever.
  • Take pictures with you own family before the hectic rituals starts because it is a big day for them as well. Try to spend some individual moments with your parents and siblings as well because it will keep you strong before you leave for your husband’s place. The same goes for the groom as well. He should click pictures with his family before siting for the wedding rituals.
  • After the rituals are over, do enjoy your wedding meal because people rarely enjoy their food that you will need to eat heartily to make for all the energy loss and stress you are going through at the moment.
  • Ask someone to play the songs you and your partner love and then watch the reaction your partner gives. They will be happier than ever. It will make for some romantic moments that only you two will be able to understand and this will be cherished by you two always.

Have fun and enjoy your wedding party so that you have may more stories to tell to your children and grandchildren. Make the most of the day because after all it is your day only. After finding your soulmate from Sikh Matrimonydo have fun with him/her on your wedding day as well because this day is going to be the first greatest day of your life that you are going to spend with your partner before jumping onto forever. So make this worthwhile.


I am Rajesh Kumar, an Indian blogger.

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