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Go Through the Price Changes For Petrol and Diesel


Planning to purchase a car? Then you need to know the updated price of petrol and diesel that would help you to make the right decision. Price of petrol got increased by Rs. 2.58/litre on Tuesday and price of diesel got increased by Rs. 2.26/litre and this is the second hike in rates this month. Total cost of petrol would be Rs. 65.60 per litre in Delhi and cost of diesel of Rs. 53.93 per litre after hike of the price. On May 17 the prices were last increased depending on which you need to find the right vehicle that would run either on petrol or diesel.


According to Indian Oil Corp (IOC) the INR-USD exchange rate depends on present level of international product prices of petrol and diesel. In this respect, the impact of this procedure would pass on to the consumers that would serve as the ultimate benefits of revised prices. You can easily make an estimate knowing the per litre prices of petrol and diesel that would help you to go for right transport saving your time as well as effort. You can even comprehend which one petrol or diesel can be the better option for you that would help you to save some good amount of money while travelling in your car.

Go Through the Price Changes For Petrol and Diesel


This hike also puts impact on international oil market and continuously monitoring is required on INR-USD exchange rate that would be useful to get effective results. This would come out with different market trends that would reflect future price changes on petrol and diesel.


So, it’s your responsibility to know all the details ensuring that you are able to choose the suitable vehicle within your budget knowing you can afford the cost of petrol or diesel without any difficulties that would make life beautiful.


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