About Us

Our online newspaper “Daily Patrika” nowadays has occupied fairly a respectable position, as we have beaten most of our competitors in today’s media world. Apart from producing news headlines we also have our own Facebook pages where we keep the hot news for quite long days. Our readers are our only strength and inspiration.

Our aim

Our aim is very simple as well as fruitful. We are always very hopeful to provide our readers about the latest news updates about any topic all over the world ranging from business or any government policies, or from Bollywood or Hollywood news to weather reports. Our main goal is cover from very minute topic to the broadest one and to convey them to our readers as early as possible. Besides, our huge concerned is to save money of the readers so we provide all the news updates online absolutely free of any subscription or money.

Know our services

Not only news related to our country we also collect news from worldwide. Besides providing news, our newspaper also has separate columns for various topics, such as: different advertisements that are really very useful for the readers; amazing facts that happening around us; health tips from different eminent heath agencies or doctors; even sometimes cooking recipes. Our news are always associated with colorful illustrations so that our news can able to catch readers’ eye easily.

As these days people have become eco-friendly and are aimed at saving paper and thereby saving greenery; therefore we found online is the right solution to supply news to the readers. Moreover internet resembles a worldwide stage and people are converting themselves from citizens to denizens, it has become more convenient for them to read online newspapers. We also have our official pages where the readers can put their comment after reading our published news. We have no grudge about readers’ feedback as we accept it with great encouragement and blessings.

How we keep up our impression?

We have our professional journalists who used to work hard day and night to present each and every details of any occurrence of news. Then the news materials are passed on to the news writer and editors. These people are highly skilled in their respective field and finally from them the news comes in readable formats. Lastly we should mention our technical support teams. These people have enough knowledge about modern technologies as well as online printings and they finally lead the news article towards our readers by publishing in our websites or posting them on Facebook pages.

We are solely taking the responsibilities for publishing any illegal or false news in our websites. More than everything we are looking forward to achieve supports from more readers in future days.