Give Your Health A Proper Protection: Buy Health Insurance Policy

Life risks are increasing day by day. This is due to regular fast and fatigued life, stress and tension. Apart from that, the pollution and the weather change are making an adverse effect on human life. As a result, people are suffering from untimely critical diseases and poor health. In addition to these, people lead a fast life and tend to survive on unhealthy foods as well. All these make them less immune and weak.

Why do one needs health insurance?

The first and foremost thing that an individual needs is a proper health insurance. This is because of the present situation of general health. Life risks are very high even at the early age of 35 or 40 years. Thus, to be on the safe side, a good health insurance is needed for everyone. There are some best health insurances in India available. The benefits provided by them are very useful and are must needed. Every insurance company provides medical benefits for their customers but before buying one, everyone should check about the benefits and cost cover provided by the insurance plan. One can even buy a health insurance online by checking the details of the plans given by the insurer on their websites. It is always a good sign to know well before buying.

Different types of health insurance

There are some basic types of health insurance plans. Some are indemnity based plans and the others are the cost benefit based plans.

In case of indemnity based plan, the insurance holder or the person under whose name the insurance is bought gets cash benefits. In this plan, the insurance policy pays the full amount of money, which is paid by the insurance holder for the treatment of a payment. But the cash benefit is only possible if the amount of money paid is less or equal to the sum assured in the said policy plan. One such indemnity based policy is Mediclaim; but it is a short term policy plan.

best health insurances in India

Then there is cost benefit based policies like Critical Illness Plans and Hospitalization Cash Plans. In case of the critical illness policy, the insured gets paid the entire sum assured of the health plan, which they need to do the treatment of a critical disease. But remember, this critical illness should be mentioned in the policy. In case of the hospitalization plan, there is a cost benefit provided to the insured on a day to day basis depending on the hospitalization charges and medical expenses.

Remember one thing, there is no point in getting attracted to the low premium based policies. This is because the minimum payment one does for the premium; the minimum amount of cash one gets in return. But that is not the basis to choose a health plan. One has to look for the amount of sum assured, the age of the insurer and the number of diseases covered. This is because no one knows what future has stored for them. They should remain prepared to fight back.

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