7 Easy Tips to Prepare Your Home for Professional House Painters

Have you decided to hire a painting company to do up your home this summer? Firstly, kudos to you. You have won half the battle already by finding a painting company that suits your budget and requirement.  

Next comes prepping your home for professional painters. By prepping your home in advance, you will be making it easy for them to focus on the painting work rather than spending half the day setting up the room. Another reason why you must consider prepping the room before the arrival of the painters is to save money. Many painting contractors bring down their price if you are willing to move your furniture and do post cleanup work. 

Getting your home painted for the first time and don’t know how to prep your home for the painters? Here are 7 tips on how you can prep your home before the painting company arrives. 

  • Deep clean your space 

No painter wants to work in a dusty room or spend hours dusting off the surfaces that need to be painted. Hence, it is recommended that you deep clean your home and provide them with a conducive environment to do a great painting job.  

  • Declutter 

The worst thing that can happen when the painting crew is about to start their painting work is for them to find it difficult to navigate through the house because of the clutter around the house. So, before your painting crew arrives, make sure to quickly put away things that you don’t need and tidy up the space for them.

  • Pay attention to the ventilation 

A well-ventilated space is a must have while painting as it helps the paint to dry quicker and ensures that the toxic fume from the paint escapes the room. Hence, crack open all the windows and switch on the fan as soon as the house painting crew shows up at your place. 

  • Protect your furniture

Move the small furniture pieces into the next room and cover the furniture pieces that you can’t move to the next room. Ensure that you use a big canvas cloth to cover the furniture so that it is fully protected from the paint splashes. A pro tip is to cover the furniture that you can’t move to the next room and move them to the centre of the room, so that the painters get enough space to paint the walls of the room. 

  • Remove wall décor & window treatment

We are talking about everything from hanging artwork, clocks to frames and macramé wall hangings and mirrors. This will ensure that the painters cover all the walls properly and don’t leave behind white patches on the walls. Next, remove rugs, throws and curtains, so that they don’t get accidentally splashed with paint. 

  • Put away your electronics

The last thing you want is for the paint splashes to ruin your gadgets. Hence, it is advised that before the house painting crew arrives, put away all your electronics. If there are electronics which cannot be moved, cover them with canvas cloth to prevent any paint splashes to fall on them. 

  • Prep the walls

A good professional painter will never paint a wall without wiping it. However, to play it safe, make sure that you gently wipe your walls to ensure that your walls are clean and free of dirt and debris. It is believed that dirt and debris decrease the adhesiveness of paint and reduces the shelf life of the paints. 

Don’t hesitate to ask your painting contractor what needs to be removed and cleaned before he arrives. By doing so, you will be saving the painters from the stress of prepping the space and allow them to focus entirely on the main painting work. You can also convert a spare room in your home into a workstation and another room as a designated restroom for the painting crew.

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