8 StepsTo Build Your Online Course Content!

An online course is like any other course with the only difference being that it is held via the virtual portal. These courses are a combination of live lectures, video recordings, and other study material, all hosted on online coaching apps. It’s on an e-platform where students can not only gather their study material but give tests, interact with fellow classmates and teachers, etc.

Even before the pandemic, we did witness a slight inclination towards online platforms. However, the last 2years have further increased its demand around the world. As an online course makes things a lot more flexible and accessible. And that is something that has drawn many people to explore online, especially for new learning skills. Like Paul Levinson (American author and professor at Fordham University) rightly said, “Online learning can be a lifeline to those who have obstacles, such as geographical distances or physical disabilities.” 

But it sure isn’t something that is limited to only this set of learners. Online teaching and training has today become a part of every industry. As an online course proves to your audience that you are indeed an expert in your field. Leaving no shadow of a doubt, while also effectively training them with the required skill.

How do you create content for an online course?

Now that we have got an idea of the what and why of the subject matter, we come to the topic of the hour, that is, how to create an online course. 

To create an online course, one that is effective and highly efficient, and would attract and benefit the learners largely, there is a 5 step cycle that we believe should be followed. 

Analyze -> Design -> Develop -> Implement -> Evaluate 

8 StepsTo Build Your Online Course Content!

This cycle can be broken down into 10 simple steps that are required to create an online course:

  • Have the right equipment and space  

One of the basic requirements, when you wish to create a course, is to have the right equipment. Most elemental is an uninterrupted space where you can host/ record your class. The next is a good web camera, microphone, the right lighting, noise cancelation device, and an all-in-one online teaching software.   

  • Choose the right subject matter 

Another fundamental step is to identify and be sure of what topic you would like to teach/ make a course on. Choosing the right subject depends on two aspects:

  • What your forte is. If it isn’t something you are good at or have knowledge about, it’s best not to step into it.
  • Market trends. Get an idea of what is the most popular skill or an impactful insight that your target audience wish to learn. And whether or not your skills would be of use to your audience.  
  • Understand your audience  

Know who your audience is, understand what they want to learn, and how truly you can influence and assist them. What their abilities, strengths, and needs are. To take them from point A to B, you have to know where they stand and how much you need to help them.  

  • Determine the most captivating delivery method 

Next is to know what medium your audience grasps the most from. There are different kinds of learners and each learner has a style they would prefer more and thus would influence better from. 

Decide whether it’s live classes, recorded videos, audiobooks, or e-books that they prefer and develop courses in the same medium to reach them more effectively. 

  • Make it engaging 

Don’t just make anything, make a course that captivates your audiences’ attention and urges them to keep coming back to you. Something that they would wish to learn from, and encourage their mates to learn from too, and with that you would start to build a community for yourself. 

  • Price it right 

The price of your course can make or break the deal for you. A high-priced product is mostly not preferred by many, while a low priced is doubted. Hence, check the rates in the market and price it as per what works best. While not neglecting your cost price and profit margin.

  • Choose the right platform 

Develop and sell your course on an e-platform that is simple, convenient, and highly effective for you. With both live class and online store features to sell your course. One such platform is Winuall which we have found to be a friendly interface and with a lot of features that work in the best regard for both online tutors and students  

  • Gather feedback 

Feedback is what helps you survive! Creating the course is only the first step, in order to steer in the market, one has to give heed to the feedback and work on continuously improving themselves.   


Online teaching is surely the way of tomorrow as the researchers show that 77% of academic leaders rate the learning outcomes in online education as the same or superior to those in face-to-face education. Hence working on enhancing your skills in the subject is an advantageous move on one’s part.

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