4 Ways To Maintain Hair Extensions

Many dream of having a flawless mane with which they can form versatile hairstyles. Longer tresses allow you to play around with your hairdo every day. Although there are numerous attachments like sew-in, clip-in, tape-in, synthetic, authentic, and hand tied extensions, selecting the appropriate one is crucial. For instance, hand tied ones are preferred nowadays because they can be tied hair extensions conveniently to your hair. 

Once you have chosen the best hair integration, the question of how to keep them in place arises. Here are some do’s and don’ts to remember while maintaining them. 

1 Keeping It Shiny

Generally, more moisturizing products are required on natural ones because they absorb it. The material used to make the product remains central when you want to make it shiny. It might make it greasy in the long run but will offer a glossy touch to your product. 

In the case of synthetic fibers, the amount of toners they absorb and retain is low. Therefore, applying an unnecessarily high amount of it will be futile. The hair color you select also comes into play. 

Certain shades like burgundy, dark brown, and black require more shine than brighter shades like blonde and red. Moreover, you must ensure that the texture of the extension does not get hampered too much. Being gentle will help retain its reflective properties. 

2 Avoid Washing Too Often

It is a common practice to clean and wash after use. However, this does not imply that you can wash it casually. The sweat and dirt in it are what make it look poor. A gentle dip in soapy water is effective enough to dissolve all the dirt and sweat it holds. Special care must be taken, and they must never be washed in the washing machine unless specified by the manufacturer. 

To use the perfect solution, you should consider proper shampoos and conditioners. Shampoos containing sulfates should be avoided because they thin the strands, making them less voluminous. 

A baby shampoo and conditioner work just fine for such purposes. Dipping them into the solution and rubbing them gently is the proper cleaning technique. After the dirt is loosened and removed, rinsing it with water at room temperature works best. 

3 Minimize Dust Exposure

Dust usually combines with toners to form a thick greasy paste. To minimize the dust that ends up on it, one must wear a scarf or a hat in dusty locations like roads and fields. This precaution will not only preserve the shine but will also make it easier to clean later.

4 Do Not Use Heat Styling Tools and Gels

Heat exposure is harmful to the hair follicles. Too much heat will disintegrate the material, causing it to lose its shine. The same goes for artificial ones as well. Hand tied extensions usually have natural human hair. This characteristic makes it essential for you to take all such precautions to reduce the damage. 

Blowing it dry might be quick but is not appropriate. Heat protectants will be ideal if you have to use them in direct sunlight. Another aspect to look at is washing it with hot water. Hot water will also wear your extension down too soon. Therefore, stick with water at normal temperature.


It can be a huge task to maintain hair integrations. However, the effort you put into it is consequential to how they turn out to look good on you. Hand tied extensions can also be maintained in the same way. Keeping in mind certain fundamentals will be ideal for your overall aesthetics.

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