A List Of Countries Helping India Through Its Covid-19 Crisis

The situation of India concerning covid-19 has worsened. People are dying like ants and the reason being poor medical infrastructure and faulty administration systems. Patients cannot find the beds even. All the countries are coming together to help India fight the pandemic. Every day the country is breaking its records about the spike in the number of covid cases. States have come up with night curfews, lockdowns, sanitation measures, and so on.

The heart-rending images are shared worldwide and everyone is sending prayers to India. One of such images is the cremation of covid-19 patients in India. Also, the people are terrified at the thought of coming to India ever. Let us know about the countries that are coming forward to help India :

  1. Australia

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that his authorities are in constant touch with India. Very soon, they will be delivering the needed medications and medical equipment to India.

  1. China

China and India are always in global newspapers for their cold-type rivalries. However, the foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said that Beijing is always ready to help India.

  1. Germany

Germany has sent 23 mobile oxygen generation plants. They would be utilized in the military units. Within the coming 4-5 days, India will receive it.

  1. Pakistan

Pakistan has shown its humanity by sending ventilators, Bi-PAP, Digital X-ray machines, PPE’S and other medical equipment. Indian people are virtually appreciating the efforts of the Pakistan Government. The Edhi Foundation in Pakistan is also ready to send a fleet of 50 ambulances. However, they are waiting for clearance by the Indian Government.

  1. Saudi Arabia

The Arabian Government has sent 80 metric tons of liquid oxygen to India. India will always remember such a sweet gesture and will be forever grateful to the people of Saudi Arabia.

  1. UK

The United Kingdom has sent 140 ventilators and 495 oxygen generators to help fight the spread of novel coronavirus. Johnson said that he is always ready to help. He added that he would give all his efforts towards the fight of covid-19 in India.

Things people need to take care of while going out:

  1. Wearing the mask is the need of the hour.
  2. Keep sanitizing at regular intervals.
  3. Do drink hot water at least twice a day.
  4. At night, take hot milk with turmeric since it helps in boosting the immunity power.


Cases in India are rising and rising. It looks like it won’t stop until some magic happens. Though the state governments are taking strict measures, nothing seems to work. The Indian people are left at the mercy of God. Doctors over here are putting their all. The economic position is also declining. The country is at its toughest time. Hope all the global prayers would work and India too shall pass this.

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