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All You Need to Know About Whether or Not You Can Vape on a Plane

Vaping has become a popular habit. Many people are joining the trend especially now that manufacturers and retailers have been promoting it as a healthier alternative to smoking. On the other hand, young people are being influenced to vape by both their peers and celebrities.

Therefore, the airline companies have to deal with the issue of people vaping either in airports or in planes on a daily basis. Many people may find it hard to wait until they are at the destination if they are addicted. But you should know whether you can vape onboard a plane or not.

Understand the Airline Rules Regarding Vaping

First things come first. You need to know whether you can vape in a plane or not. Today, all airlines offer guidelines on how to handle your vape pen while onboard. Airline companies require people to travel with their vape pens in the cabin rather than storing them in checked luggage, but this does not necessarily mean that you can vape. This is public transport, and the cabin is shared by numerous people.

Vaping is not yet declared to be harmless to other people. Therefore, airlines do not allow people to vape onboard. Also, this can cause panic among other passengers when they see thick clouds of vapor, which look like smoke. So, even if you want to enjoy your favorite vape pen that you just bought on the ePuffer website, this is not the right place.

Vaping While Traveling by Air

The best tip is to vape in a designated area in the airport just before departure. Many restaurants and waiting lounges allow this in a designated area. You can ask around if you are not sure where to find this. Be certain to have enough e-juice and prepare your mind that the next vaping session will be at your destination.

Pack your vape pen in your carry-on case and get into the cabin with it. According to airline experts, the lithium batteries used in these devices can explode when exposed to the hot temperatures sometimes found in the luggage areas whether the batteries are in the device or not. The cabin is a lot cooler because the temperature is controlled. Again, fire in the cabin can be prevented more easily than in the luggage area.

Exceptions to Vaping Onboard a Plane

Charter planes are more flexible depending on who is onboard. They operate in the same way as private jets, and both allow vaping. So, if you have rented a plane or are flying in your own, then you are free to vape. After all, everyone in the smaller plane will be aware that any vapor is from your vape pen and not smoke from the aircraft. Some commercial planes may allow vaping for first-class and VIP passenger cabins that are separate from where other passengers are. Be sure to ask the flight attendant even if you know it is allowed.


Any person who vapes should know these rules to avoid conflicts or even being sued. However, the flight attendant will always be available to offer all the necessary help that you might need while onboard a plane.

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